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Interesting Programing for a Neurotype 1B

Good afternoon,

This is my first post… lol.

After reading the Neuro Type System article I feel that I am a 1B personality as I have always liked Olympic/Weightlifting ,Power Lifting & Bodyweight Training, although I have always been good at multitasking. Well the question I have is in regards to gaining strength and being athletic while sticking to the things I like to do? The reason I ask is that In my mind each discipline requires their own unique focus and all have their own needs. Another problem I have is with my schedule, I am not able to get to the gym daily, I have a good three days Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday. Finally, I am not too worried about gaining or loosing size as I am 6’5" around 330lbs and currently loosing.

Hopefully my post is not to disorganized…

Thank you,

CT has reminded all of us that neuro type training may be optimal but it’s not the only way one can train. The programs were recommendations and not compulsory.

Thank you for the response, I feel like I like too many disciplines… and I liked how the 1B profile has a loose structure.