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Interesting phenomenon...

This really amazes and baffles me.
Just when I think I have this board figured I am slammed with another surprise.

When debating politics this forum is clearly divided into neat, tidy camps, falling on one side of the fence or the other, with no real middle ground.

What surprised me is this recent batch of religious threads. More than half the guys I would have pegged as moral majority right-wingers posted pretty ardent opinions proclaiming their atheism. The camps completely changed. What gives? So-called good guys argue over theology, and bad-guys get dropped off of US=GG’s bad-guy list, and meet in the middle as friends.

Very interesting and amusing. Has anyone else observed this?

I’ve observed that we tend to discuss the same issues over, and over, and over, and over again. In this sense, yes, many people respond consistently to a given issue. If they didn’t, I’d wonder what was wrong with them after awhile. When the political topics actually show some variation, I don’t think it’s quite so easy to guess who’ll come out on which side.

Thanks for the inquiry. I stated in an earlier thread that the list is fluid. You have stalwarts on the bad guy list like restless and iscariot. restless wished that diesel23 had died on September 11th. iscariot called the United States terrorists. These two will always head the list of bad guys. Then you have guys like lumpy, squat1000, and kuri who like to take unwarranted shots at the United States because they voted for algore in 2000 and can’t get over it. You will have the occassional Canadian dickweed like mon quebec or say who make Canadians in general look bad. Their cup of jealousy floweth over. Then there are just plain idiots like hyoge2000 who make all sorts of absurd comments without any research whatsoever. Remember when he said that Teddy Rooselvelt wasn’t so tough? Finally, there are people who operate on a different plane altogether. Take cupcake. The light is on but there is nobody home. His posts ramble and are often nonsensical. There are guys like arcanecocaine, who have improved their standing considerably by showing a willingness to acknowledge the Good Guy’s point of view. Add to that a touch of self-deprecating humor, and you can see why he has extricated himself from the pit of badness.
The Good Guys: RedmanV, BradTgif, Diesel23, DocT, AvoidsRoids, BostonBarrister, and JWright. Please forgive me but there are more Good Guys that exist but don’t come to mind right at this moment. If you are a Good Guy, and I have forgotten you, please let me know.
There you have it. The state of affairs as of July 9th, 2003.

I consider my self a good guy, but I am relitvly new to this site so I guess I will have to prove it.
Oh yeah Al who???

“Take cupcake. The light is on but there is nobody home. His posts ramble and are often nonsensical.”

So true, and so funny at the same time.

Well Roy Batty you are noticing that right wing doesnt always equal religious right.

Same goes for my case pretty much. I’m on the conservative/libertarian side of most all issues, yet don’t have a strong religious affiliation.

Same goes with left wing, peeps on the left can be religious zealots too. And some (j. jackson) can just use religion as the basis/protection while they run their scams…

good guy here.

I’m a rogue element. You’ll never find me on anyone’s list.


I thought I would be on your list there, I am actually kinda hurt.

Hey, this is the second time “U.S=Nazi Fuckhead” has mentioned me in derogatory terms…I must be doing something right and his little sidekick “Chester” who bounces around him saying “We’re buddies right Spike?, Right?, yeah, we’re buddies, let’s go get us some Cats Spike, yeah, let’s get some Cats…yeah, me and my buddy Spike.” agrees…

Oh, Joy…

Maybe the list should not be “Good Guys” and “Bad Guys” but “Right-Wing Fascist Ass-Monkey Guys” and “People capable of Independent Thought Guys”, of course U.S=Nazi Fuckhead would need crib notes to assist in the spelling of the bigger words but I am sure he would get used to it.

Just like he no longer needs his Mommy to print big “L”'s and “R”'s on the tops of his shoes.

Now, go back to believing that you represent what’s “Good” about America and leave me the fuck out of your shit or I will no longer be so polite.

“Polite conversation is rarely either”

~ Fran Lebowitz


We should be kind to US=GG, he couldn’t identify a logical argument if it assaulted him at knife point. Then again, US=GG’s line of causation goes something like this.

Portugal was fascist once upon a time
Restless is from Portugal
Therefore, Restless is not only a fascist but is repsonsible for things he had nothing to do with.

If we follow that sort of logic we can argue that US=GG si responsible for the Watts race riots and the introduction of fast food.

US=GG’s real issue though is that there are his facts and argument except when those facts and arguments are used against him: this is why I am a bad person.
US=GG pointed out that the US was fully justified in attacking terrorist countries; a terrorist country being one that holds terrorists or people who perform terrorist actions.
As the US, like any other country has such people, by US=GG definition the US is a terrorist country.
Strangely enough, US=GG doesn’t like that.

As for Cupcake, I guess the problem is that because Mr Cake uses analogy, inference and humour, US=GG is a little bit lost. But fear not US=GG, I understand that Cupcake is writing a book with lots of pictures and words in big type; just for you.

Damn, Cupcake, my man, I was getting all ready to jump to your defense until I got to your post and saw you did a mighty fine job of it yourself!

The underlying meaning in a lot of your posts may not be visible on the surface initially to some, but I, for one, get it (well, okay, most of the time I get it…) and appreciate your humor.

Oh, and I’ve decided to try and stay away from the political arena on this site this go-around, but in the not-too-distant past, I would have probably been considered a…ahem…good guy.

Cake, I was waiting all afternoon for that one. Nice work, brother.

I lurk here a lot and what I have seen between these threads does not surprise me at all. This is a group of fairly independent thinkers; their opinions are their own, not adopted from some party line. This is exactly what I would expect from a site like Testosterone, personalities are strong, independent and free thinking, there is a lot of intelligence here, the women are strong willed, strong bodied and not a valley girl wanna-be in the lot, a good match for the guys here, just as strong, just as intelligent, and a damn site better looking. Of course if your opinions differ from mine your wrong but that doesn?t detract from your right to believe them anyway.

  1. Scall144, Antiliberal, Anderson,
    Forgive me friends. The error was all mine. You have well established Good Guy credentials.
  2. Garm and Cupapwr, you two will be watched and evaluated closely. Do not let the dark side tempt you. Watch them. They will throw out all sort of absurd arguments. When effectively countered, they will change the subject or refuse to answer direct questions.
  3. cupcake,
    Thanks for making my point about you. The little prescribed pink/white pills: TAKE THEM FOR GOD’S SAKE!!! Your neighbor called, he has had about enough of you defecating on his lawn and humping the lawn flamingos. Here is a simple concept that you may or may not be able to grasp: The dandelions are for smelling not for eating.
  4. iscariot,
    Did/did not restless say that he wished diesel would have died on September 11th? Did/did you not say that we were terrorists? Of course, the answer is yes. Therefore, if you didn’t say another idiotic thing, you would be a bad guy until the end of time. Unfortunately for everyone, you have made it your mission in life to make stupid comments.
  5. cgb, I forgot about you. There, I forgot about you again. You are quite forgettable.

Hmmmm… I made the Good Guy list. My Mom would be so proud! Actually that is kind of amusing because I don’t take much part in political discussions here, I just like to (pointlessly, I’m afraid) argue with the rabid America-haters.

In regards to the main topic, I think that pigeon-holing people as “left” or “right” is almost always inaccurate. Most people are probably a mix of the two. The fringe elements, like the super-religious rightists and the permissive socialist leftists are the unthinking ones that provide most of the angst (and the humor) in these debates.

Now, as for pigeon-holing people based on “Good” vs. “Bad”… Why are so many of you so offended? I always thought it was funny. The people that disagree with him wear “Bad Guys” like a badge of honor on here, and the “Good Guys” seem to enjoy it. Come on, if you let something like that get to you so much (i.e. CUPCAKE) I think you need a break from this website.

damn 'Cake, way to punk that dumbass

US=feeling like a bitch

I’m good, I’m good!

I feel affirmed and worthy of some prize.

Will this do for US=GG or do we need a bigger size? How much do you weigh, patriot?