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Interesting Nolva Q, Need Advice

i am running a tren/prop cycle, i am very gynoprone…i am running 40mg nolva currently and will bump if i need it…i either lost orhad my nolva stolen, i have 6 20 mg pills with me and can not get any until about thursday of next week…what should i do?

should i take the 4omg a day today , fri and sat and just wait till thursday? should i take 20 mg today friday, sat, sun , mon a and tuesday? is there anything over the counter that might help for the few days i am without anything? thanks

Yes, lower your dosage to 20 ed until you can get yourself some more. personally I would even do just 10mg ed as I think even that dosage is excellent at preventing gyno. good luck, and don’t be paranoid :wink:


reason i am at 40 is cause i already feel a bit or soreness in the nipple area…was just about to bump to 60…thanks