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Vegetarians Face Child Abuse Charge

By Stephanie Gaskell, Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK – A couple who put their baby daughter on a strict vegetarian diet were charged with child
endangerment after authorities found the girl last year weighing only half her normal weight,
prosecutors said.

Joseph and Silva Swinton, both 31, were charged with reckless endangerment and endangering the
welfare of a child. Both pleaded innocent Friday.

Prosecutors said the baby was fed ground nuts, fresh-squeezed juices, herbal tea, beans, cod liver
oil and flax seed oil. She was not breast-fed or given infant formulas.

Authorities were alerted to the situation by an anonymous call in November, said Maris Campbell, a
spokeswoman for the district attorney. She said the baby was “in grave risk of death.”

"She weighed only 10 pounds, less than half the weight of an average 16-month-old female child, and appeared to be the size of a 2- to 3-month-old baby," District Attorney Richard Brown said Monday.

But Warren Silverman, a lawyer representing the mother, said the parents “felt that they have their
own lifestyle, they’re vegetarians, and they felt that they were providing proper care for their

The child has been in foster care since November.

The girl is now 20 months old and doctors said she now weighs 20 pounds, still about the normal weight of a 10- to 12-month old baby. Campbell said the girl faces major developmental problems.

that’s so sad…

Couple of fuckin morons.

you have to pass a test to be a personal trainer but any moron can be a parent. how can anybody be so fucking stupid. the only vegetarians that i know are fucked up individuals. My best friends girlfriend is a vegetarian and she is a fucking nut. she once cried for an hour straight because he couldnt get off by her sucking his dick. she thought that he wasnt attracted to her. how fucking stupid is that. 99.9% of vegetarians are crazy.

Um… Goldberg? I’m not sure being vegetarian has anything to do with being bad at oral sex.

Those parents are stupid, hello!!! Breast milk IS the natural food for a baby! DUH! I love how responsible, intelligent homosexuals are not allowed to adopt a baby, but idiots who are ruining the gene pool can breed like rabbits.

Not ALL vegetarians are this wacky and dense. I mean, first of all, did these idiots eat just “ground nuts, squeezed juices…flax see oil…” when they were just 16- month old? It’s called common sense</b? and many people, vegetarian or not, do not have this.

And yeah, you have to be certified as a Personal Trainer, licensed to drive a car, etc. - but NOT to be a parent. So, the scary question is: WHO would outline the rules and guidelines necessary for the tests that will provide the protocols of a "fit" parent? BUT it is pretty darn safe to say that THESE people were NOT fit to be parents.

These parents’ intellectual capacity as well as the idiot attorney who agreed to represent them shows clearly when they plead INNOCENT!!! You can’t plead innocent in our court system. You’re either guilty or not guilty, but NOT innocent. (Either that or the journalist should be fired for being ignorant.)

Anyhow, dumb people shouldn't have kids. And who the heck told them that babies should NOT have mother's milk? Sheesh...

reading this make me feel sick

Before today, I didn’t care about vegetarians. I thought they were losers, but they didn’t bother me. Now I fucking hate them!!! I’m sure there are more childrens being abused that way.

Thats why vegetarians suck. Fuck them, fuck them in their stupid asses.

I work with a couple of vegetarians. One is a big dyke and the other is just confused about how to lose weight. Now I am not saying that only dykes are vegetarians or that one is a dyke if they are a vegetarian, that goes out to all of the dyke lifters out there. The other one though she is repulsed by meat now, oh yeah her boyfriend is a vegemetarian too! I am guessin’ he is on step away from looking like a skeleton with skin walking around. Why I shared that I don’t know why…Fuck those fucked up vegetarians. They should eat my shit!!!

This just proves that vegetarians are ignorant, whacked out losers!!!

I know several veggies who aren’t “wack”, but they would never indager the lives of their children. They have breast fed babies, formula fed babies that are healthy. A belief is not bad in itself, but the EXTREMES people take are sometimes deadly. Haven’t the parents in the artice heard of soy milk, formula or other orgainic milk? I think they are just dumb anyway, veggies or not.

That is the same kind of retarded shit that my parents pulled when they turned vegetarian on me when I was in highschool. They forced us kids to eat that wussy crap too, oh the horror, all that tofu, it still gives me nightmares! Anyway, I went from being really strong for my size to one of the wimpiest kids in school over the course of two years. I am absolutely certain certain it slowed down my developement in a major way. On a side note, I had a friend in highschool that tried to go vegetarian and his hair started falling out, no joke! All it took to get me looking healthy and filled out was about 6 months of carnivorous eating habits and all I can say is, “I love animals, they are delicious!” Vegetarianism has got to be one of the stupidest things that anyone ever came up with to try to stay healthy. Hmm I wonder how healthy I will get if I deprive my body of essential amino acids, vitamins, and nutrients? Well fucking DUH!!! In closing I want to remind you of an old adage “you are what you eat” Do you wanna be a wild animal, or a vegetable? Nuff said.

Why do vegetarians come in for such a hard time on this board? Would you really say that this kind of parentally adminstered diet was any worse than feeding your child junky shit for 20 years? Yeah - it’s sad, but not all vegetarians are nutters. For every vegetarian nutter misfeeding their child I am sure you could find a meat eater doing the same thing. My cousin is a meat eater and she fed her child nothing but smarties and crisps for 12 months because ‘she wouldn’t eat anything else’. Don’t you think that’s pretty bad?

Hmmm… quite coincidental. I have distant family coming out from overseas for a vist soon, and they have their newborn (6 months or so I believe) on a vegetarian diet. “Apparently” they’re providing everything it needs nutritionally to make up for the lack of meat and eggs. Do you guys think this is actually possible? I’m gunna be grilling them about this, and if they’re messing up their kid I might just have to print is thread out and give it to them… (with my message!).

You missed my point. It wasnt that vegetarians are bad at oral sex. that makes no sense. it was that she would cry for an hour(and i could hear her in his room) because he couldnt nut. It was that most vegetarians are crazy.

Reading this made me feel disgusted by the total ignorance that vegetarians have. They could clearly see that the baby was seriously fucked up because of this bullshit diet but they were so self righteous in their ‘vegetarianism’ that they sacrificed the baby to feel good about themselves. Eddie is right, couple of fucking morons.

no its true… because of the no meat eating part vegetarians have a harder time digesting animal protein (which is what sperm kinda is) so when a veggie burger attempts to digest sperm they get nauseous, then their minds associate the nausea with the sperm and thus they become so bad at oral sex that they are unable to get the mansickle to erupt with the aforementioned substance

As an adult, you can choose any way to eat. Babies need special nutrition and parents should be taught that, whether meat eaters or vegetarians.