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Interesting Mentzer Clip


The person who made this needs smacked up side the head.


I for one dont agree with everything Mike said, but it was injuries and his own personal demons that put him in the physical state that he was in later in life, not the fact that he had weight lifted when he was younger, as this person seems to claim.

The fact that they question what others who were champions of bodybuilding and powerlifting look like later in life just shows their own ignorance, and lack of research in making this clip, because it is not difficult to find out what these men look like now, just off the top of my head i can think of...

1.Arnold-not huge,but still in excellent shape for a man at 60, esp one who holds a political office.
2.Franco-the man is a docter now, and still maintains a healthy physique.
3.Lou-its been 30 years since pumping iron, and i think he almost looks better.
4.Robby Robinson-as seen in the recent post.
5. Frank Zane - still trains people, still athletic looking.
6.Dorian Yates - clearly natural now, but he still looks quite powerful, and much healthier might i add.
7. Kevin Levrone - Although he is still young, he was in the game for a long time, but has now moved on, is now natural, and looks to be incredible healthy.
8. Albert Beckles - his actual age has been questioned, but i know he is older then Arnold, and he still looks amazing.
9.Bill Kazmire - had to throw in a big boy from the strongman community, he still has a good build, and forearms the size of my thighs, and he's no spring chicken.
10.Stallone - He's lifted like a bodybuilder for 30 years now, and at 60, it looks like its worked out fairly well for him

As a side note, Mentzer has a family history of Heart problems, i believe both he and his brother died of heart attacks.He was also damn near a chain smoker with a terrible diet, so im sure these all had a hand in how he looked.

Proper diet and training has helped to keep the men above looking great well past their competitive days, so it kinda pisses me off that somebody is no ignorant that they think weightlifting will wreck your body.

Im sure the clip was made by some guy who has never made any kind of attempt to better his physique through weight training, and his idea of a eating right is getting the extra large Diet cola with his supersized meal and McDonalds.

Rant over --WS4


I couldn't agree more -- aside from the fact that there is no logical progression of ideas in the clip, the conclusion is also clearly fallacious.

All in all, complete and utter rubbish.


It was very strange because why would someone who seemed to disagree with the idea of any kind of weight-lifting go to the trouble of putting together this video? And why is all about Mike Mentzer?
Really odd.


I don't know... I sorta agree with the premise, applied to HIT that is. It's so incredibly taxing on the nervous system that it may lead to exhaustion and adrenal fatigue, which may then contribute to diminished future well-being and health if not remedied correctly.

This does NOT apply to less stressful forms of exercise where training to failure is used less frequently.


It just seems that the person who made this thinks that this is the only way to weightlift, since the name of the clip is "weightlifting = anti-health".


I guess the video is trying to say lifting weights is bad. Looks like other things messed Mentzer up other than weightlifting.

"Final years and death

Following the loss at the 1980 Mr. Olympia, Mentzer reportedly ran into numerous problems. In the late 1970's Mike is was reported to have begun using amphetamines, claiming he only took them as an ergogenic aid to help facilitate a hectic lifestyle. Mentzer left his position at Weider Publications shortly after his loss at the Mr. Olympia contest, and suffered financially as a result. He did land a job in 1985 as editor of the newly launched Workout Magazine, however when that failed and that same year his father died, Mentzer reportedly suffered a mental breakdown. According to Peter McGough, editor-in-chief of FLEX Magazine, stories began to surface of Menzter exhibiting some very erratic behaviour. Stories of him running naked through the streets, directing traffic, telling prophecies about the end of the world, being arrested by the police numerous times and even waiting for aliens to land were all published in magazines at one point or another. Popular bodybuilding writer Dan Duchaine even suggested that Menzter was drinking his own urine at the time. Mike denied this in a 2001 interview with Iron Man magazine. Nonetheless, according to McGough some of these stories are true.[1] Menzter was also regularly institutionalized between 1985 up until 1990, when he finally kicked his amphetamine habit. Drug free, Mike returned to training bodybuilders and writing for Ironman Magazine, and spent much of the 1990s regaining his stature in the bodybuilding industry.

Mentzer died on June 9, 2001. He was found dead in his apartment by his younger brother and fellow bodybuilder Ray Mentzer due to heart complications. Mentzer was reportedly a heavy user of methamphetamine for about a decade, and this was thought of as a contributing factor in his death. Two days later, his brother Ray also died in his sleep after complications from his long term battle with Berger's disease."


If HIT was the method through which I'd get acquainted with weight training, I'd probably think it was a waste too. So what? Big deal. As if we didn't know there are more than enough people who have no freaking idea. Just another dipshit with too much time on his hands.


I also thought it was intresting because i had never seen video of Mike when he was older, only pictures, and i had never seen any footage of him training anybody.