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Interesting Materials for a Workout

I’ve decided to get out of the gym a couple days a week and make use of workout station at a nearby park. And those days I’ll be doing plyometrics too. They have suggestions on how to use the equipment but I’m looking for more ideas.

So please help me think of good workouts that I can do with the following equipment.

#1 (the bench) and #2 (the parallelettes)

I figure I can do planches and piked dips on the parallelettes.
The bench might be useful for box jumps and stride jumps.

#3 (flat bench) and #4 (incline)

I see myself handbalancing with that front bench. I can’t think of any other uses that particular bench can be used for.
The incline is for reverse crunches, duh, but I’d love to hear other ideas for it.

#5 (the weird pole with attachments) and #6 (the bars)

I have no clue what to do with number 5 other than hanging leg raises.
The bars, pullups/chinups/negatives…


Supine rows. Anything else?? I feel like their are lots more ways to use these.


Uh, other than playing on this, I don’t know what to do with it.

#9 (the slanted bar) and #10 (the four stubs in the ground)

The instructions suggest using #9 to do this assisted hurdle thing on. Surely that can’t be the only use for this.
I have no clue how to use #10 for anything other than balance work.

#11 (the pole with two loops sticking out of it) and #12 (the two short bars sticking out of the ground)

I can only think of ways to stretch with #11. Its a wierd looking piece of workout equipment.
As far as #12 goes, I can use it for plyo and handbalancing for strength.

That’s all. Any ideas ya’ll can come up with are much appreciated. Thanks.

Check this out, all you will need is a rock.