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Interesting Interview with Milos at FIBO

Saw this posted on a few other boards, and thought it would be of interest to some.

  • discusses his “giant sets” theory
  • " " supplement line
  • talks about his relationship with Nasser, Nasser’s career, how/why his physique changed over the years, and a little more info about his untimely death.
  • how insulin use changed Nasser’s/Flex’s physiques
  • talks about prepping Flex Wheeler in 2003 (Ironman?) right before he was diagnosed with kidney failure. Milos claims flex came to him 3 weeks out from the Ironman at a “skinny-fat” 208, and 3 weeks later was a ripped 245… WOW if its true.

Enjoy folks

Here is Flex’s routine from the Ironman… looked amazing

link got taken down, check out palumbo’s site

I like his openness about drug use

real talk