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Interesting Injection


I'd like to start by acknowledging my quite apparent lack of postings and I will accept any amount of scolding I may take with this question. However, rest assured I have done a fairly significant amount of research and asking of others on this subject-- however I haven't ran into QUITE exactly I'm curious about.

I pinned for the first time this past Sunday evening in my right upper outer thigh (1 ml 250mg Test E.) and as expected I felt some pretty good soreness in my leg. I assume because this is my first cycle, first pin, my virgin muscles are being touched... like a virgin, for the very first time. That being said-- it is now Thursday and the soreness in my thigh/quad is 100% gone but there is a fair amount of swelling in my knee and the pain persists only truly when being bent around 110 degrees. This is all normal so far, I think? My concern/question is that can this swelling/pain right above the knee be due to the (possible) high BA level? Or, would me having had ACL surgery 8 months ago effect it? I'm assuming it is the high BA level and that my surgically repaired knee has nothing to do with it.

Of course, being my first time I am always paranoid of an abscess/infection, but that wouldn't travel down towards my knee cap. Anyways-- not truly a big sense of urgency, but more of a curious pondering-- Could one's previous surgeries actually cause a more acute reaction to the high BA? Is it just me being a pussy virgin? Is it a combo? If anyone responds, thanks for the response. If not, I'm sure I'll manage



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In your experience, is this a waste of gear, or does your body eventually use it, just taking longer to metabolize it?


Thanks for the reply-- I guess my immediate question following this would be what the other fellow asked-- if this truly is the scenario have I wasted my first pin? Say it ain't so!!


My advice would be to use your delt or dorsal glute for injection. Big targets and less to go wrong in those muscles. But to each his own


Yeah, I'm definitely going to next time-- the quad was just so easy MENTALLY because I had the shakes like no other, being nervous and all. I'm much more calm now knowing I'm not going to kill myself. Thanks for the reply, I'll let you know how the next pin this coming Sunday goes.


Interesting, I've never heard of this happening. Also keep in mind that with the fairly recent surgery, you could just be having a minor complication that's totally unrelated to the injection. It would be a weird coincidence that it happened right as you pinned, but not at all outside the realm of possibility. Just another theory.

It gets a lot easier to pin and you're correct, soreness does abate significantly. I don't know if it's physiological or mental, but I was very sore after my first few shots and now I hardly notice them.

I think it will probably still absorb, but if BBB's theory is correct the rate will probably be much slower; as joints and connective tissues are not very vascular. Sort of like the opposite of injecting into a vein, is my suspicion. I don't think there are many places where oil can just "hide" in your body...everything gets broken down eventually, per my understanding at least.


Thanks for the response reidnez; So I pinned again yesterday morning (Thursday morning) and at the moment (Friday evening) my right leg (ACL/original pin leg) is feeling fine now-- I'm guessing BBB was correct and I snagged my ITB OR that this surgery leg just reacts differently. My left thigh (which was pinned yesterday morning) is sore, but nothing is effecting the knee region what-so-ever and I pinned in the same spot (but on the other leg of course). So, maybe it is an adverse effect due to the knee which does still flare up from time to time being only 8 months out of ACL reconstruction. A riddle indeed, but alas my leg is feeling fine and I'm moving on in the rotation and hitting the glutes next. I appreciate everyone's responses, all great insight thus far.



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And as you thought it, I brought it. Bam!

Also, thanks for the follow up BBB. Think you were right, too-- my left leg has no swelling or soreness even close to my knee.


Ok, this is weird-- similar situation but now with my left Deltoid/arm. Injected 5 days ago into the left delt-- arm was swollen and red as shit, calmed down a bit, but now I have a super hard lump about 3.5 or 4 inches down my arm-- is this a swollen lymph? As I understand it, abscesses occur only at the site of injection, not inches down. Is it the same situation as my knee, but since it is my deltoid/arm it takes longer to resolve?

I'd like to add I've had two other quite successful injections along the way... and I'm following exact protocols and being a complete nerd about all of this, so I'm confident in my methods. Is this gear just riddled with BA? Am I somewhat allergic?


it's easy to hit nerves there too.Try the upper outer quadrant of your ass and stretch the skin TIGHT w/ your other hand(needle should go in painlessly,even going slow).Relax the muscle/shift weight on your other leg while you do that.Pull tight on the way out too.I'll be surprised if it doesn't make a difference...good luck.


Thanks for the response, howlingrabbit. I read a round with folks who had similar problems in the delt/arm area and think I may have injected close to the point where one of the bicep heads meets... possibly allowing the 1ml of Test E to "drip" downl also a virgin spot, so that could be a problem. Being my first cycle, I'm always thinking "Oh shit, am I going to die?".

My left glute has a pretty nice little hard spot formed after injecting Sunday evening (now Tuesday night), but when I was injecting I was moving a lot (nervous and doing this in a strained position). It has some decent pain, but I think I either A) tore the muscle up from shaking or B) possibly injected to shallow? I don't know, I suck at this shit... but being my first time I'm giving myself a break I guess. So far, quads are the easiest and most pain free for me.

I'll probably post again in a few days if my body is eating holes in itself and I am staring death in the face :]