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Interesting Information

I ran across some interesting information as I was perusing an article that Dan John had posted on his Lifting and Throwing page. It talks about nature’s cycles and how they pertain to diet and lifting. The info was brief and to the point. It’s easier to gain in the winter and get stronger as well, then come spring and summer, it is easier to lose and maintain. After I had read it, I happened to look back at my last 2 years of lifting and that seems to hold true. Bigger and stronger in the winter, leaner in the summer. My bulking and cutting seems to follow nature’s cycles, which would explain why I can gain on 4000kcals in the winter, and lose and or maintian on the same 4000kcals in the summer, with very little change in workout intensity. I’m going to pay alot more attn. to this over the next year or two, and see if I can get my LBM to 190-200, which would put me between 210 and 220 at 10% in winter. I like 10%. Realistic and achievable (there now at 195lbs). Sometimes the plainly obvious is the most useful as well.

This is no surprise to me. I see you live in Michigan (I’m in Ohio) and I’ll bet you are more active in the summer. I’m always leaner in the summer because I’m out digging in the garden, tossing mulch, shoveling manure, etc. Also we are a little more concious of our bodies in the summer because we wear more revealing clothes (shorts, tank tops, etc.) So subconciously, we may be a little more careful about what we eat. I’m not sure where he did his study, but it would be interesting to see the study done in both the great white north and in sunny florida and then compare the results.

I think the testosterone increase during the summer time would contribute to a natural propensity for storing less bodyfat also.


It brings to mind water retention.
Not only are we more inclined to drink more in the summer but the fruits in season, like watermelon @90%h2o, are less “solid”.

On another brainwave…Beer,another favored “hot climate” beverage, facilitates more “squats” - at least for ladies - on the water closet :slight_smile:

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