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Interesting info concerning 5AA/1AD

This just in (and I wish I had this when I
wrote my article and I am sure the guy selling
this stuff is glad I am not and surely
deliberately held this back).

Ruzicka et.al. found that 5AA’s activity in the capon comb test was approximately 35 times less than that of testosterone (Helv Chim Acta
19, 357-362). Also in the capon comb test, Heusser et.al. found 5-AA to
be a little less than 4 times as active as 4-androstenedione. Finally,
Cavallero et.al. found that its activity on the exorbital lacrimal gland
of the castrated rat was less than 20 times that of testosterone (Acta
Endocrin. 55, 131-135).

I wonder why the guy selling 5-AA/1-AD doesn't want this to be common knowledge? :-)


Hey Brock, Please explain these findings in easier terms if you will. Also, how does this change your previous list of positives and negatives concerning the product?

Because it’s all scientific gobbledeegook?

I take it this study means “It’s not good” right?

i feel bad for those castrated rats, poor guys