Interesting Idea to Publicize a New Warehouse Gym

Beast Training is a warehouse gym in Trumbull Connecticut. We opened our doors in March of this year and have been aggressively working to grow our clientele.

We have been active with our Beast Training Group in Facebook and have published a number of videos on our YouTube site. We wanted to share an idea we recently tried in relation to our YouTube videos.

If you are in a similar position and want to publish a training video with background music, we recommend that you speak with a local band to see if you can use their music.

This does a couple of things: Firstly, it narrows the possibility that your video will be removed for copyright infringement (in case you were going to use another of your favorite tracks) and secondly, and most importantly, provides incentive for the local band to pump up the video, which opens your facility to more potential trainees.

Would be interested to hear your thoughts - EJE

Excellent marketing move.

[quote]destroyedquads wrote:
Excellent marketing move.[/quote]
Thank you; I am still hoping it works, but was fun putting it together in any event.