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Interesting Harley variation


A more sporty/tech model for the 100th anniversary of the company. They truly surprised me on that one. I never thought Harley would have the balls or room in the image department to allow this. Things change. =0)


This thing looks pretty cool, but I heard one go by the other day and the whole Harley rumble was missing. It just doesn't have the SOUND of a Harley and that kills the whole bike for me.


I love the look of it... expensive though


it wasn't made for the traditional harley rider. it is a compromise of cruiser and crotch rocket to try and drum up sales for the 'younger' set.


Is this the one that BMW got in on the design for ? I think it is.


When the v-rod first came out I thought it was kinda cool, but instead of growing on me, I'm starting to like it less and less. At one bike rally this summer I saw about 20 in one day, so the're not that rare. For the $35,ooo cdn,(if I had it) I would have a unique custom bike built that nobody else would have. If I was going to buy a production cruiser I would spend less money and get the new victory vegas with those sweet Arlen Ness lines. The v-rod has won a ton of awards in the last year however, and it's suppossed to be the best power cruiser out there.


porsche designed the engine.