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Interesting Findings w/ Top Lifters


After talking to numerous top level lifters, I have found that many like PHs/designer steroids more than traditional orals...

For example, I know a lifter who has taken pretty much everything at some point.

His 3 favorite orals are
2) finaflex hardcore
3) Winni

What do you guys think about this? The guys I have talked to have one primary goal, get stronger.

I ask because of 2 reasons
1) My dbol is late and I have some PHs on hand
2) Interesting to hear top lifters say that


Just out of curiosity, and please don't take this the wrong way...

If you know numerous top level strength athletes who are prepared to discuss/share their knowledge of steroids with you why are you asking for opinions here?

My opinion, FWIW, is that pro hormones are a waste of money and I don't know anyone, regardless of their 'level' who has taken 'real' steroids or even just dbol and who thinks pro hormones are a better choice.

Personally, I have tried several pro hormones and I now use 'real' steroids and I think there is no comparison. I have also tried Dbol, Drol and Tren, and winny. This is my opinion, but I am speaking form experience.

My understanding was that the steroids of choice for strength were Test, Tren, Dbol, Drol-but thats just me LOL



Just asking about what I was told. I asked because I thought it was weird. I always considered tren, test, dbol, anadrol, and mast the best strength drugs, but then I was told that and was surprised.


Superdrol is not a pro hormone.

It is a potent strength drug.

It doesnt surprise me that much. Dbol and anadrol both come with plenty of weight gain not from muscle tissue. For guys trying to stay in a weight class, this may be undesirable.

So if the same strength gains can be made with superdrol without the effects of aromatization, some may choose to go that route.


Stick with what you know works from your own experience. While I do like to use some dbol pre workout it not in the same league as tren for strength; nothing is. Obviously thats why you listed it first yourself :wink:


As i said I wasn't 'calling you out' so please don't take what I wrote the wrong way.

Out of curiosity are the guys you spke to power lifters or Olympic lifters?


If you're talking about strength athletes, which I assume you are, I'm really surprised no one mentioned halotestin.


If staying in a weight class is a concern, drugs like that may be alright. There are guys on my PL team who have taken both finaflex and SD with decent gains in strength without much weight gain, but the results aren't as good (for cutting or strength) as running a more traditional prop, tren, mast cycle like most of the other lighter weight class guys we have on the team. The orals of choice for these guys are winni, var, and halo. And any PL'er I know will tell you tren is the bomb for strength, regardless of your weight class.

It's worth noting that none of the guys on my team who compete at a top level (i.e. nationally or internationally ranked) like pro-hormones or designer drugs. I have never touched them so I can't compare the two. Besides, I'm a 275 class lifter so weight isn't an issue, and I LOVE my drol.


One guy I know uses it preworkout only. 50mg preworkout. On meet day, he takes 75mg before squat, bench, and deadlift.


Well I have some finaflex, and some superdrol, and I am currently taking dbol with my test... I will just have to experiment a little and report what I find first hand.


I totally understand, and they are powerlifters.


LOL. That's a fuck load of halo!


Day of the meet? Yeah, most powerlifters take a shit ton of orals meet day, and day before

He says the halo makes him more aggressive than anything else.


I am a powerlifter! haha

Yeah, most guys take an assload of orals, but still, 225mg of halo is still an ASSLOAD haha... especially since if they're taking that much halo, most of them will take a ton of Dbol, though. Many seem to be willing to lift through the backpumps for the added strength on meet day.

IIRC, halo and dbol are an example of the class I class II synergy between two compounds.

And yeah, halo increases aggression and strength A LOT.


Is Anadrol the same thing as Superdrol? I googled superdrol and got loads of adverts for supplements.

Are designer steroids another name for Pro hormones?

I used to occasionally (on squat and dead lift days mainly) take, pre workout, 50mg of anadrol and 25mg winstrol and would get a great strength boost and pump. My buddy has been taking the Anadrol and Winstrol combination now (on top of test) for a couple of months and has reported a large increase in strength and aggression and is noticeably a lot bigger.

Bill Starr has a book which was published in the elate 70's called defying gravity, he reported that a lifter admitted/claimed he took 100 x 5mg Dbol tablets before a competition!

My understanding was that Powerlifters would load up on the strong androgens before competitions but would use 'regular' steroids the rest of the year for health reasons, I didn't think that Anadrol and tren would be used 'year round' but thats just me. Each to their own I 'spose.


No, superdrol is not anadrol. Superdrol is made by modifying masteron (drostanolone).

A prohormone is a drug that isn't an active hormone until it undergoes some modification within the body, i.e. enzymatic conversion into another substance. A designer steroid is just a steroid that has not been scheduled yet by the FDA, and is usually hard to find on tests. It is an active hormone already. Mostly, these drugs are modified versions of other steroids or are molecules very similar to other steroids. That's very basic, for more info. on that you need to ask one of the more informed members like BBB, Bonez, or Bill Roberts.

No, people don't, or shouldn't, use tren and drol year round.

And yes, some people take stupid dosages, but that doesn't mean anyone should try it.


There were some that did stuff like this year round.
I have an older friend that is retired from powerlifting now, still throws in highland games, but he used to train with two of the best lifters of that era. He was drug free but his training partners were juiced to the gills.
He told me they used to dose orals by the handful, and that they would take so much their blood pressure would go up enough they would turn totally purple during sets, then go sit in a corner puking for about 15 minutes and be ready to go again.

Crazy shit like that.
Even now there are guys taking 100mg+ dbol per day at the top levels in powerlifting.

There is actually a guy I was told about, who has some significant lifting achievements (but I cannot list them, because I cannot identify him) who cruises on
400mg week Eq
250mg week test E
30mg dbol preworkout

Then getting ready for a meet he goes up to
1250mg Test E per week
750mg Tren per week
100mg Dbol ED

And when I told this to my older lifting friend his reply was "wow, the doses have went DOWN since I retired"


I haven't used halo yet, but next time I stock up I really want to get some to try out preworkout!


Careful man, the trade off for all that agression is liver toxicity. Halo is one of the harshest orals in terms of liver health. I agree there are some astonishingly high oral doses within the PL community but that doesn't make it safe. We know more about these drugs and about health than the top lifters of previous eras did.

Standard halo doses these days are 10mg pre workout. The highest dose I've ever heard of anyone taking without regretting it is 30mg in a day, 10 before each lift in a meet. 2 weeks is about as long as I'd ever run it.


I will definitely start off with doses like that when I get my hands on some. Halo is so expensive though, so it will probably be awhile if I even get to try it at all.