Interesting Documentary

BBC doc from a few years ago called ‘Why are skinny people not fat’ where they spent 4 weeks observing some skinny people on a veritable dirty bulk. Mentions set points and metabolic increases caused by overfeeding as well as bits about why it’s genuinely hard for some people to eat a lot of kcals.

Pretty good watch…

I have some bullet thoughts/opinions after watching this documentary:

It sounds like they’re trying to say “It’s ok to be fat, because you’re made that way.” Don’t get me wrong there are some interesting things in there for sure. Obviously not everyone it built the same way. However, I think they hit the nail on the head with childhood behavioral patterns.

I love how the participants bitch about eating 5k a day! I’d murk this study. Hahaha

In my personal opinion our population has a strait lack of dedication and will power. I hear all the time “It’s just too hard to eat like that” or “How can you put yourself thought that” or “I deserve to be able to eat this…” Frankly I’m tired of hearing this bullsh*t.

That Asian in the study has some mad genetics.

I like to believe that your body’s “set point” can be changed.

Thanks for sharing the video!