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Interesting CoC Idea

Tomorrow my little brother is having some sort of carnival at his kindergarden with all sorts of games and activities. Well most the adults have a hard time at these things, and my father came up with an awesome idea. He is setting up a booth for the adults to try and close the #2 or #3 gripper. To help raise money for the school, you pay $1 to attempt to close one of the grippers, and your child gets some sort of small prize and an even bigger one if you close one. I thought this was a pretty fun idea for the adults at this event. It helps raise money for the school, gives adults something to do, the kids get a prize, and INTRODUCES PEOPLE TO THE WIDE WORLD OF GRIP TRAINING.

Sounds good, but he really ought to have a #1 and a trainer there. Based my own experience training, I’m guessing only one out a hundred people can shut a #2 first try. The #1 stops most average sized foks, big guys who do a lot of manual labor can get it usually.

Also expect to hear a lot of people bitching about how the knurling hurts their hands. Its supposed to hurt, its good for you.

Just had another idea, even safer bet and more deceptive challenge. (Credit for this goes entirely to Mr. john Brookfield, a grip legend.)

Get a COC trainer, and suspend it from a string. Challenge is to grab it out of teh air and close it without using your free hand to set the gripper. May be the most deceptive and difficult grip trick as far as grippers go. I’m up to 5 reps on a #2, can barely close a T when I do the hanging trick.

Good luck, hope y’all raise a lot of money.

I like that :smiley:

[quote]Xen Nova wrote:
Its supposed to hurt, its good for you

I like that :-D[/quote]

Glad you approve Xen.