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Interesting - BowFlex Weights...


Hey Ya'll...

I know how we all feel about bowflex, but...

Check this out... Just flipped through some TV and seen this on a commercial. It looked pretty cool. They are dumbell weights that change with a dial. Up to 52 lbs.

What cha' all think???



Seems very similar to PowerBlocks

Nice gear though, but I'll stick to the gym.


I doubt they were able to screw up dumbbells too much. Like you said...only goes up to 52.5lbs so you'll probably grow out of them pretty quick.


I stick with PowerBlocks, theyt were the original. Bowflex and there are a couple of other brands that I can't remember are "me-too" products.

$299 - up to 20 lbs./side
$399 - up to 52 lbs.?side

$239 - up to 45 lbs./side (standard)
$369 - up to 60 lbs./side (deluxe)


Overpriced Bench and Stand

Numerous models (these two are the starter end) and accessories.


Agreed. Even as a beginner, I would have outgrown them within 2 years for most movements. I would hope most here would like to be able to curl more than 50lbs with one hand eventually.


Hell, I'm a still a scrawny guy and I've used the full 85 lbs each on my Powerblocks while doing DB bent-over rows. 52.5? That's already too little. I can DB bench more than that.

PowerBlock Pros that go up to 115 lbs (like mine, I need to buy the upgrade) are a much better choice.


OK . . . I'll take the bait . . . what's wrong with Bowflex (other than it's over-priced and over-hyped).

I own one along with regular iron weights and a DB set. The Bowflex is fine for some exercises. It allows me to do some exercise I couldn't do otherwise.

I wouldn't pay retail but if you can pick one up cheap, they're a decent product.


I dunno...in my opinion and like I said this is just mine...I don't see a movement you can do with the Bowflex that isn't more effectively replaced with free weight lifts.


Because you'd be much better off spending that money on a good power rack. It lets you do more execises with real iron.

There's nothing inherantly wrong with a Bowflex, if it's all you have. It's just that you can do a lot better.


I think the main thing wrong is that it's horrifically overpriced.

It is nicely space-saving though, compared to almost any weight set-up. And it isn't as noisy to work-on -- you can get a full work-out without shaking the house and waking the neighbors (important if you live in an apartment).

It's also good for things like cable flies and tricep push-downs. All in all, its versatility is what's great about it. It won't replace a gym full of weights and all sorts of machines, but for what it's supposed to do, it does it.

The only problem with some of these types of machines is that the "weight" can be too light. And upgrades are either incredibly expensive or simply not manufactured. For large muscle movements like squats, rows, benches, or even lat pull-downs, you can very quickly outgrow the supplied resistance.


The Bowflex weights are literally made of plastic, and feel like something you'd find in a Kindergarten classroom. Powerblocks blow them away, by far. I've played around with the 125-pound Powerblocks, and they feel fine (even if they are a bit long).

As for the Bowflex machine, it's worth noting that early last year they had a recall of 750,000 units (or somewhere around that number). They literally fell apart while people were using them. There were a handfull of serious injuries, and I'm honestly surprised that Bowflex isn't bankrupted yet, from the lawsuits they're likely going to face.

If you're going to get a home gym (whatever your reasons), you'd be better off with a Life Fitness or Parabody piece. Their the same people who make Hammer Strength for the gyms. It's nice, solid stuff (for a machine).