Interesting Blood Test Question

For those that do not know I am on HRT. Every six to 12 months I go to the doctor and get my testosterone levels checked to see if the therapy is going well, and I receive a renewed prescription. Here’s my question:

If I take DHT or 19-nortestosterone derived AAS along with my HRT dose, will these affect my test levels? They aren’t testosterone so they shouldn’t inflate the scores, and I will continue the HRT dose so I wouldn’t be suppressed. The test is for total and free testosterone. I’m don’t think they check for SHBG or estradiol levels unless I don’t feel the dose is working correctly, but I’d be interested in how these would stray from the norm in this situation.

Thanks for the input.

Don’t 19-nor’s convert to test before aromatising to e?

I’m not 100% sure about this, but I think DHT stuff will pretty readily turn into T, which would be detectable.

I could have this all wrong, but it’s an interesting question.

P22, do you have any input with this, seeing as how you have medical experience?

Anyone else?

Doing a search for “DHT to testosterone conversion” yields nothing on Yahoo & Google. Can’t find any pathway in Harrisons endocrinolgy either.

Haven’t got a clue what 19-nortestosterone is !

Here is an abstract discussing 19-nor

It shows up in bovines as testosterone…


I run Drostanolone (masteron E) with mine and without problems. DHT does not convert to testosterone, but would be curious if it somehow indirectly raised it though? I wonder about 19-nor’s, but assume that they would. I always make sure that my doses are relatively low for a few weeks before my test.

Basically I run Test & Dros at around 180mg & 120mg/week as a base and usually add short esters for my cycles or sometimes bump the base up for a while, I use to use Prop for my Hrt but that got old; as well as the creams and Cyp. By the way at 180 test/120 mast I score around 900.

It could raise your free levels of test temporarily due to SHBG