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Interesting Blend I Came Across


Testosterone No Ester 50mg/ml

Methandrostenolone 25mg/ml

Oxymetholone 50mg/ml

4 Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone 25mg/ml

Methyltrienolone 750mcg/ml

This could be some interesting stuff. Methyltrienolone is some potent shit.


I doubt that blend has all the listed components but either way.. should be interesting

I haven't heard of injectable methyltrienolone since BBB's thread


Isnt' MT just oral Tren? Why would one want to inject it? I would presume it is still hepatoxic. Perhaps bigger bang for a lower dose when injected?


I can't say for sure but I've heard amazing things already. Source also has Methyltrienolone in 3mg/ml. I've put my order in to check some shit out. I'll probably run it at 1-1.5mg/day for a few weeks. It's recommended for no more than 4 weeks.


I thought MT was oral Tren as well. Actually it's supposed to be really fucking killer for your liver, but maybe injectable won't be bad? The results seem incredible though!

You should guinea-pig this out and let us know how it is!


Sounds like absolutely insane amount of PIP


MT is referred to as oral tren, but it's not


I'm planning on it. I've got a review already with a clean 5 lb gain in 10 days. I'm going to run it for 2 weeks and report back. I don't want to give you someone else's recommendation. I'd rather give you my own.


Do you have time to post about it or time find a link?

I admit being sceptical of it largely because I don't see why one wouldn't just use tren.

That said, the alleged "oral tren" is easily found, so it's intriguing.


The reason people would use this instead of tren is because of this.

Tren Anabolic/Androgenic 500/500

Supposedly the most powerful steroid available.

How much of that is true I don;t really know. There is conflicting info. People say those numbers are blown out of proportion. What is fact though is the product is very powerful. I will be a guinea pig in this one and report back. (Cautiously mind you. I value my health)


Alright, so I received my vial of Methyltren. I didn't grab the blend I got the injectable MT 3mg/ml. I think I'm going to start running this tonight. I'm on a test only cycle right now so I will add this for a couple of weeks. I was going to do 1mg ED but I'm thinking about starting a little easier. 600mcg ED. A few logs that I have read have me excited and weary at the same time. Will report back as I know more.