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Interesting Article on Resveratrol

Came across this, I don’t however have access to the full text so I don’t know what kind of dose they used.

Anyways would be interesting to know, if someone happens to have access to this.

I don’t have access to the full text of that one (without paying) but have read articles in the part on enhanced longevity of mice given resveratrol.

I don’t recall the doses, but largely the reason I don’t is because there is such little relation between per kg doses required in mice vs humans. Most obviously there’s the fact that mice generally require vastly more milligrams per kg of bodyweight, but on top of this there is nothing like a fixed ratio. It’s just all over the place.

Presumably from 3 factors:

  1. Differing bioavailability. A low-bioavailability compound might be 10 or more times more bioavailable in one species than another.

  2. Different efficiencies of metabolic elimination. One species might, relative to that species, metabolize and eliminate a compound unusually quickly, while another might be extremely slow at metabolizing and eliminating the same compound, relative to that species.

Could easily be a 10 times difference again.

So if those two factors happened to go in the same direction, favorably for one species and unfavorably for the other, for equal average blood levels it could be a 100 times or more difference on top of typical differences of one species tending on average to need a lot more than another per kg of bodyweight.

  1. Different potencies between species given equal blood levels. Could be another factor of 10.

So this could now throw things by a factor of 1000 if they all went the same way.

For these reasons, knowing what dose was needed for a mouse is not so helpful in having any idea of what would be needed for a human, and so I don’t tend to remember it unless it’s just amazingly low or amazingly high.

You’re definitely right, it’s an interesting article. I did not know about that mechanism and it makes a lot of sense, sheds a lot of light.