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Interesting Article on Protein, Longevity



Crib Notes:

High protein diets activate a molecule called TOR (linked to IGF-1) which upregulates cell growth at the expense of longevity.

Animals on lower protein diets had higher longevity and lower TOR levels.

Summary of Article: High Protein Bad!

Not going to stop me inhaling steaks though.



Now i haven’t read the article yet, but the molecule (a protein kinase) you are speaking about is usually refered to as mTOR (m as in mammalian, TOR as in target of rapamyocin). Just if you felt like researching it further.


This kind of reminds me of the “eating less increases longevity” research. Kind of off topic but something to keep in mind while reading it.


Any specific protein sources we should look out for?

Any ways to ameliorate the effect?


Ecto - I doubt anyone is qualified to make guesses about ‘which protein would be worst’. I truly dont think it’s something to be worried about.

Firstly, most of these studies are done in short lived animals. No-one really knows what kind of effect a high protein diet will have on a relatively long-lived animal like humans.

Secondly, I was talking to a friend about this article. He works on the evolution of song in crickets (c.f. Jiminy in Pinocchio). It turns out he has done some dietary studies with his populations and his words were as follows:

“Yes, the ones in the low-protein diet groups lived longer, but the ones on high protein grew faster and got a hell of a lot more action from the lady-crickets. So I know which one I’d choose”.

Case closed.


[quote]ECTO333 wrote:
Any specific protein sources we should look out for?

Any ways to ameliorate the effect?[/quote]

Insulin and IGF control mTor, so a high glycemic drink and or something with leucine would stimulate mTor, though I agree with Brentgoose that it’s nothing to worry about.


activating mTOR is essential for anabolism. You cant have one without the other.