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Interesting Article on Men & Women


I often see mention on here on men being pussified, and recently unfair divorce. Found this article interesting it is long though, should be fun for discussing though.


I don't necessarily agree with absolutely everything but I found it interesting, especially the lack of caring for male life. I never hear about male suicide but always hear about girls. Eye opening in that I noticed this is true for me, I never really care when I here about a man dieing but I do when a woman does.


The article is mainly drivel, but as far as suicide goes anyone even remotely in the know realizes that males are more likely to kill themselves than women, though women attempt more. Women succeed in killing themselves less frequently because they use less reliable (violent) methods. Men tend to shoot or hang themselves, women go for pills. The highest rate of suicide is in older men (I'm thinking 45+, but don't remember exactly and don't want to look it up).

The article or essay or whatever mentions that men die earlier because of risk taking behaviors, but then disregards it and rants away as if the age-at-death differential is due entirely to societal disinterest in male health. Hardly. Men much more frequently die in their teens and early twenties because they ARE risk-takers. It impacts the statistics. Period. He mentions--along with the higher suicide rate--the murder rate for men. But again, blithely ignores its meaning as pertains to the difference in life expectancy.

He spends a great deal of energy on the Violence Against Women Act of 1994. But changes in 2005 include a focus on gender-neutrality (Garrine, 2007). However, men benefitted directly from the VAWA even before the changes in '05: "According to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) the number of female victims of domestic partner violence dropped nearly fifty percent from 1993 to 2001, going from 1.1 million documented cases to less than 600,000 incidents in eight years. The number of men murdered by intimate and former partners has dropped even more precipitously. There's been a seventy percent reduction since 1976 (Prah, 2006)."

Cool, huh? The VAWA has caused a drop in male deaths.

The time he spends griping about breast cancer and the Susan G. Komen foundation made me laugh. WOMEN did that for themselves, not men. Men didn't give, WOMEN did. Women went out half dead of cancer with their little bandanas covering their chemo-balded heads and shuffled 3.2 miles through city streets with their friends while daughters clapped and husbands tried not to look embarrassed. Other women, sympathetic (as women can tend to be) supported it, emotionally and then, eventually, financially. At its inception, it was almost exclusively women. Now? According to your essayist "more than 184 corporate sponsors including 3M, 7-Eleven, Ask.com, Belkin, BMW, Coffee-Mate, Cross Pens, Dell, Dove Chocolates, Dr Pepper/Snapple, Energizer Batteries, Evian, Frederick's of Hollywood, GUESS, Hallmark, Hanes, Hewlett-Packard, Huggies, Kitchen Aid, Kyocera, LPGA, Lowe's, Microsoft, NAPA auto care, NBC Today Show, Purina, Nordstrom, Oreck, Payless shoes, Pepperidge Farm, Perdue Farms, Pier One, Princess Cruises, Quilted Northern, REMAX, Clorox, Tracfone, Victorinox Swiss Army, Chapstick, Yahoo, and even the Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity" are interested in cashing in on the advertising gold mine the pink ribbon affords. That's not men giving, that's men accessing opportunity.

Eh, whatever. The rest of it is so whining and victimized, I can't even be bothered. Women "augmenting their sexual power" with breast implants is an indication of male victimization? LOL


men don't need a fucking support group.

we're men.

grow a pair.


[quote]EmilyQ wrote:
I can't even be bothered. Women "augmenting their sexual power" with breast implants is an indication of male victimization? LOL[/quote

Lol, I didn't see that part. I kind of skimmed it a bit, definitely don't agree with the entire premise. "men give women take". Main point I find interesting was the death thing bout suicides etc. mostly just because that is true for me.

I hate seeing beggars but I get pissed at the men ones, but not really the female ones as much.


Agree also on the breast cancer, about women doing it, I doubt people would have anything against prostate cancer funding if it was done, I think it's mostly just a women sticking together thing more then men do.

I'd like to see more funding for prostate cancer, due to some deaths in the family but that us just a matter of doing it, not society against it. Interestingly enough both may be caused by xenestrogens, phito estrogens, and those crazy horomones they give cattle.



What do you mean about suicides being true for you, dylan?

One of the reasons I think male beggars might prompt disgust where women perhaps don't is the likelihood that women are caring for children and may be limited in what they can do as a result. I know T-Nation lore holds that men are the primary victims in divorce, but statistically women are far more likely to become impoverished as a result of divorce. Women are almost guaranteed poverty if they have more than one child without the limited financial security marriage affords.

Healthy men are generally thought to be unencumbered, thus the expectation that they provide for themselves honorably. Not saying it's right, but that seems to be our world currently.

As far as women creating buzz for something like the Race for the Cure to the point that corporations want to have their names attached, one thing women do well is social networking. We are prone to behave more compassionately and supportively. I myself am inclined to think of that as a gift men have given over the centuries. Women were to some extent excluded from the competition for resources.

But make no mistake that this dynamic was the choice of MEN, who controlled and continue to control nearly everything.


This quote from the article make a lot of sense. Overall, the article is a bit too whiny.

In general, women are better at playing social mind games. They bond together more and whine more. Men would get the same treatment if they also do that, but I doubt that's something most men would want to do.

This is true, but I don't really care. There can never be true equality. I'm fine as long as life is going well in general; there's no need to whine about the smallest misfortunes and disadvantages. Women behave the way they do because deep down, they feel weak. They lack the physical strength, so they go for the social control, even at the cost of honor. In this society, a good looking girl who complains a lot would get anything she wants. Rationally, that's the best way to live because it's stress free and easy, but that's not something real men would do. I like to actually work to make real achievements and appreciate them. I feel a need to suffer through hard times to appreciate life. It's OK to live a shorter life if you have achieved something great. Every choice you make will have opportunity costs. Men can accept it and move on, women tend to regret things, whine, and feel sorry for themselves. As a result, they can more easily obtain physical gratifications out of sympathy of others, but I'll stick with my mental calmness.

Men aren't 2nd class citizens because women whine to get what they want; men are only 2nd class citizens when they feel that they are inferior to others. If you feel that you are your own free man, then nothing else really matters.


You know, if you go make me a sammich, you can be in control of making the sammich! Control can be measured in many ways. Since we are in a more or less stable era, control is near equilibrium; there are no upsets of powers.


oh shit



Women don't whine. Some women whine and give us a bad name, but not ALL women whine. We make ourselves heard. We have to metaphorically yell at the top of our lungs until we're heard because this has been a MAN'S world since it began and women have been the second class citizens. Men who think women whine to get what they want, IMO, are afraid of women and afraid of giving them power. Heaven forbid we should show compassion for our fellow women and do everything we can to help them. Men don't need to do this because it's a MAN'S world. Women have had to make things happen for themselves, to prove that we have brains and can think for ourselves. We are not just baby-makers. We do not exist to clean up after men and make their food. If you think this, you need to jump in a DeLorean and go back to 1955.


The most glorified by far of any deaths on this planet are still (predominantly male)soldiers/law enforcement/fire fighters/etc, and perspective of death seemed to be a large part of your 'revelation.'

The rest of the argument is going to be a feminist/anti-feminist fuck fest so w/e on that, at least I got here before it gets moved to PWI.




How did you get out of the basement?????


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"Here's our philosophy- We can't even say we are pussies, because that would be contrary to our cause. We will just write a bunch of crap that leads you to the conclusion that we are pussies."



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LOL! Great summary... thanks for the cliff notes! What the hell? Men's rights activists? Again, LO fucking L. What a bunch of crybabies.