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Interesting Article on Future Resource Depletion




We in trouble


This is such a taboo subject, when you start talking about population control. Like it appears that it may be necessary, but then you go into ethics, and 'well why don't you kill yourself as an example', and shit like that.
If this is the case, I only hope that humans don't destroy the entire planet in the process. Sort of like The Road if you've ever seen it, pure dystopia.
Kind of makes the 'resource-based economy' touted by Zeitgeist make more sense.


I've been interested for this stuff for awhile. Check out http://ricefarmer.blogspot.com/ for a bunch of daily news updates forecasting the end of civilization as we know it.


Apparently some countries have never heard of pulling out.


Old news. How many people on here take this stuff into consideration when doing THEIR family planning?

Personally, I much prefer the idea of adopting to having my own.


dont really see whats so particularly interesting about that article. the population is growing while land resources to grow food are shrinking.

the rate of growth has actually slowed recently though. more countries are implementing laws about only having a certain number of children, and with more people becoming educated, the average family size decreases


Some of you may find this interesting...