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Interesting article by Staley...

…in this week’s T-mag. Now all we need is a list with relative limb-lengths to find out where you differ with the average.

That was an interesting article. I’m 5’9" and probably a short lever person. My bench and squat are very good compared to my power clean and deadlift. My lower legs seem to be a little longer than my thighs, but I still have a bit of squatter’s ass.

What Jerom said.

Charles, if you read this, great article. I hope that we’re just scratching the surface here. I’d like some type of assessment to determine short/long levers and possibly how to use this information in a periodized workout for hypertrophy or maximal strength. I would really like a follow up to this…T-mag, in my opinion, it’s articles like this that make you the shit.

That was an awesome article. I agree, we need some limb to torso ratios. Also how would this apply to martial artists? My guess is that long levers make better strikers and short levers make better grapplers.

I asked charles on his forum. hope he reads the post monday. Guessing your leverage ‘profile’ is too hard, subjective and people around you dont provide very good standards since 90% walk around with postural problems. differences in muscular development change impressions too easily.

Finally I know why my ass grows so well… I’m 6’.