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Interested in Test Cycle

Had my blood work done and I have total test of 289 ng/dl and FT of 63.9 pg/mL on test booster. Labido is down and generally feel lousy. I compete in triathlon and avid cyclist. 47 years old.

I meet with Doc on thur and plan to see what his opinion is. Point is, I’m considering a test cycle on my own. Considering Test Propianate (100-150 mg/wk)as it has a shorted half life and less water retention and is easier to control.

As this is a first for me I’d like some feedback from the experienced 1’s.

Test P EOD vs Test C weekly?

For cycling, you’ll likely get more response in the Steroid forum. This is the TRT forum - totally different animal.

With that being said, your total T is below normal, and you may be a good candidate for TRT. Read the stickies at the top of the forum, and come back with questions and blood work results.