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Interested in Strongman

I just found out about “strongman” maybe 2 or 3 months ago. It really does appeal to me for a lot of reasons. I know the term “functional” strength is thrown out all the time, but I think strongman training is as functional as it gets.

The issue is I don’t have a strongman gym near me and I travel a bunch so typical commercial gyms is what I use to stay strong and in shape.

Once I settle in a few months I will join a strongman gym.

While training at a commercial gym is there anything I can do to help have some carryover to the events? I know it won’t be good as training the events, but it’s something at the very least.

I’m thinking maybe these are lifts that will help or that I should focus on more (but not limited to):

-Front Squat
-Clean & Press
-Push Press/Strict Press
-Farmers Walk (Using trap bar)

I’m also thinking I should order some “fat-gripz” so I can make the barbell thicker to replicate the axles?

If any of your more experienced fellows can help me out, I would be grateful. Thank you!

On a side note, log presses looks fun as hell!

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Get strong as fuck?

A good base will carryover to any competition event.

Also strongman is more than just strength. A bit of conditioning goes a long way.

Think movement patterns mane. Press, pull, hinge, squat, loading, flipping, carry etc. There’s many more exercises you could add to your list as well as variations of all these exercises.

Zerchers (Holds, Squats and Deadlifts)
Carries: Front rack, Back, Zerchers etc.
Back Squat
Incline Bench Press Variations, Landmine press
1 Arm DB Press

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sounds like you’re mostly on the right track. If you don’t know how to deadlift with straps, learn that. I had to when I made the switch. Learning to deadlift well with straps is more important than actually using a thick bar, IMO, when it comes to learning axle deadlift. Fat gripz won’t help much. The trouble with axle deadlifts isn’t so much that the bar is thicker when you grip it. It’s that the bar has no whip (which fat gripz don’t help with) and that the leverages change slightly because the center of the bar is farther from your own center of gravity (fat gripz don’t help)

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I’ve never used straps. I just haven’t had to yet because my grip has never really slipped. Wouldn’t using straps make the deadlifts easier?

You need to consider that you may be carrying your bodyweight and more in each hand and running with it just before or just after your deadlift.

yes, straps will make the deadlift easier. Trust me, you DON’T want to axle deadlift without them. You will be severely limited without straps, and almost every strongman comp allows straps, particularly with an axle. I’ve never seen a show that didn’t allow straps on an axle deadlift, and I’ve only competed in one that didn’t allow straps on a regular bar deadlift. And the reason for that was because the event was for max reps.