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Interested in Opinions on Gear to Broaden My View


Hello everyone. I’ve come to that point in my lifting experience where I am considering to no longer be natural. I’m planning to educate myself for the next two years in regards to ASS. I’m 25 at the moment, have been lifting for 7-8 years, I’m 6’4 and 225lbs. Max squat 180kg, bench160kg, deadlift 240kg. I’ve read some stuff about the use of gear, watched videos from people experiences. I dont want to do a crazy bodybuilder cycle involving tren and everything that comes with it.

Id like you guys to just suggest what you PERSONALLY think is a good cycle and method of using gear. There are discussions about cruising and shock, then there are talks about cycles so I would appreciate your input. Id like to stay on the gear year round but not sure what and how etc. Could it be as simple as using 250-500mg of test a week without ever coming off it? And obviously using other stuff along with it to prevent aromatization. Please remember this is a judgement free zone and I want to hear people answering what they think regarding my situation. Thank you