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Interested in Halo

Never tried it… Anybody like it for pre workout or kickstarts? I’m just getting on my summer cut and I’m liking the sound of strength gains I’ve heard from it. How would I run it? Pre workout only or like I would any other oral

I have never used it mate so in regards to dosing etc I dont know, however, I was under the impression, from seeing shadow pro mention it and a few local gym rats currently on it now pre contest, that its use is suited near the end of a dieting phase to keep you mentally “in the zone” when training on next to no carbs?

Pre workout is best Imo. It will definetely increase your strength and hardness. You ll see more results if you are under 10% bodyfat.

That’s kind of what I was thinking. I used oral tren a while back when I got it as a sample I used it for a few weeks only on heavy days like 2-3 days a week and holy shit was the strength and aggression there!! Only time I’ve ever tossed around 315 on incline like it was my bitch. I would love that kind of aggression again and halo sounds like a safer alternative to methyltren… Not really after it for aesthetics more so aggression

I had horrible side effects with oral tren. I used it for a month (5days per week) and it obliterated me. Gains were amazing though, best thing I’ve ever taken. I had no significant effects with halo. It’s a good alternative most of the guys I know use it for 4 weeks or so. It usually kicks in after 7-10 days.

halo was enjoyable. ran it for a few weeks leading up to a pl meet. really liked what it did, although I didn’t really see visible physique changes. then again i wasn’t necessarily looking for them. I can see it making sense when motivation is low. It certainly helps for that.