interested in fats lately!!

Lately I have been really paying attention to fats, I do not consume fats as in supplement form because I believe I consume enough as it is. Can someone help me out with whether or not Im fine with my plan so far? so, right now most of my fats come from shredded cheese(cheddar)mixed nuts, 90%lean beef, caesar salad dressing, and mozzarella cheese. So what do you guys think???

Add some fish. In fact add a lot of fish specifically samon and tuna. I personally have not noticed the fat loss claimed to take place when you eat fish rich in Omega 3s. But I have noticed that, for a comparable amount of fish to red meat, it doesn’t add any weight and it seems to help me recover faster. Great source of protein and iron too… and if you eat the bones, calcium as well.

The Fat Roundtable article, Something’s Fishey pt. 1/2, and search around on Berardi’s articles.