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Interested in ESPN Fantasy Soccer?


I was thinking if we could get enough interested members we could have a T Nation fantasy EPL league on ESPN. I have done it the past few years and it's great and easy to do. I will start up a league and send out the league number and such if we can get at least 8 teams. If interested please post in this thread. There is no "draft" as you can change your roster but you are limited to 30 total transfers the entire season.


Okay I have to ask How do you do Fantasy for Soccer? Not being a dick serious question.


No worries man, very good question. Here's the rules from last season. It'll be the same rules this season except the season starts on August 13 and not August 14. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.



:slight_smile: Thanks that was interesting, I love the other football. Played soccer for years, just never could watch it on TV. Good luck.


Don't these people ever give up?


Sorry bro, not sure what you mean? I don't post here enough to follow everything. Has someone started the same kind of thread?


You know what I do when I want to play a fantasy sport? I go outside and play it and fantasize that I'm in a big stadium with a huge crowd booing the shit out of me.


So what is your thoughts on internet porn?


I watch it outside.


Then why are you on the internet DB? Shouldn't you be outside pretending to get buff rather than pretending online?


I'm at work. When I want to fantasize about getting "buff" I lift in my garage in the nude. Staring at myself in the mirror while I'm naked and doing squats helps me fantasize about banging Mila Kunis in the ass, so I kill two birds with one stone with that one.


Again DB I really need to know what street you live on so in the future I can avoid that street.

You know what never mind I just think Cali is off the list of places to visit.