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Interested In Doing a Cycle


Hi all, and thanks for reading my post:
I am a 41 yo male and have been working out for the past 4 months after a 2 year break due to me letting go because of a relationship.
Here is brief rundown of my situation:

I am overweight and have been steadily losing bodyfat while basically staying in the same weight. 6'1" 228 lbs. i know i have acheived progress as my belly area is smaller and my back and arm growth have neccesitated buying larger sized clothing.

I want to do a cycle but really interested in leaning out faster just to allow for my muscles to show a little better.

Cons: I have gynecomastia, this was a result from years ago i did a cycle using test and the guy guiding me never got me HGC and scouring the gymrats, i couldnt find anyone that had. I am planning on surgically removing it.

con2: I have androgenic alopecia and dont want to lose anymore hair. Im currently using minoxidil, infrared laser therapy(igrowlaser) and use ketaconazole(blocks DHT).

current status: I take a stack of maca, horny goat weed, tongkat ali, D aspartic acid, ZMA, mangosteen, tribulus, yohimbine.

Im only interested in leaning out and compliment my fat loss efforts:

Which stack, if any would you recommend?
Would winstrol alone be effective in eliminating some of my body fat and preventing muscle loss during a leaning diet?

thanks in advance for any suggestions.


You do not have a good enough understanding of AAS or the ancillary drugs related to them. The fact that you believe HCG could have prevented gyno clearly shows this.

You are also taking a whole load of shit that i would say is useless at best and potentially harmful.

Get over the hair loss and focus on shit you can actually control. Maybe you can slow it down a bit but its hardly worth the effort.

Given that you are 41, if you do not plan on having children (or more of them) and are in the USA you could look into TRT. Get your levels checked and if they are low this could be a nice quality of life improvement for you.

If you are serious about fat loss then the scale weight needs to be coming down.