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Interested in Becoming a Boston Police Officer


longtime lurker here never thought this would be my first post BUT...as the title suggests i am interested in becoming a police officer in Boston. there is a problem however..i have smoked weed numerous (almost everyday for 2yrs) times but i am now 100%drug free. I was wondering if this would DQ me right away. Stupidly i have a facebook that have wall posts such as "i love when we smoke roaches in my room" that i cant delete but i have never been arrested or anything like that. so basically my questions are should i just be honest and say i smoked weed or should i deny deny deny. also i have done some pills such as xanax and vicadin on occassion. by the time i will apply i will have been completely sober for at least 2 years so i would pass a drug test. I would love to hear from any in the BPD or any current police officers who have had a similar problem. thank you and i apologize for any and all grammatical errors.

again any help/advice would be appreciated


the only thing that willprevent you from being a cop in boston is being non irish catholic AND not having a relative on the force.


Thanks for apologizing for the grammatical errors. You should start capitalizing as well. It's a good start to get on BPD.

  1. Do not deny that you have smoked weed, or taken pills to get high. Do not lie at any part of the process. I don't know what you have to go through, but if it's like many major law enforcement places, you have to go through a background investigation and possibly a polygraph. If you go through a thorough polygraph, you should come out of there feeling like a piece of dog turd. That's when you know they did it right.

  2. You stopped smoking, good job. Don't smoke again if you are dedicated. It's only weed, be thankful you didn't do a line of coke at some point in time, because if you did, you probably wouldn't have a chance. Now regarding smoking weed, it's highly individual on the agency. Some federal agencies require that you have not smoked weed in the last 3 years, but that's federal, I don't know how it is at BPD start researching. I'm assuming they will not be as strict, as most law enforcement agencies accept the fact that most people have smoked weed at some point in time. Lastly, you could have smoked weed last month, but if you do well on the written test (if there is one), and look like a professional at the panel interview, they might not give a fuck if you smoked a month ago.

  3. Try to delete what you can on Facebook and whatever sites you may have posted dumb shit. Every site that you have a profile on, make it as private as possible (especially Facebook).

  4. Hopefully you haven't sold any drugs...


Thanks for the reply Andy. BPD says 2 years of drug free. There isn't anything saying there is a polygraph but I think being honest is the way to go I know that I made a mistake in smoking weed and I have absolutely NO intention of ever doing it again. Any more replies would be great


So I found this website http://www.cityofboston.gov/police/recruitment/process.asp and it says that the drug screening process is 90 days. I was a little confused by this statement "In order to become a Boston Police Officer, you must be a resident of the city of Boston.

In addition, you must also be a resident of the city for at least one year prior to taking the civil service exam." I am not a resident and will not be one until next year so do I then have to wait another year before I can apply? Thanks again for the help


I think they are pretty strict about the living in Boston. If you can't delete the posts on FB, go to the settings and make your profile as private as possible.


Thanks for the reply! I changed my setting so I'm pretty sure everything is as private as possible..@tooties I noticed you live in MA..I just moved here a few months ago to go to school but I am living on campus do you think that would help me?


you could always just delete the facebook.......


I probably will when I am closer to applying but I have heard that it doesn't matter if you delete it or not it can and will still be found.


The last thing you want to do to is lie about drug use, no employer wants to be lied to. Be honest with them and inform them of your past situation and current situation. If you've been drug free for 24 months, have no intentions of using drugs again, haven't been in any legal trouble, and have the goal of becoming an officer there's a relatively good possibility you can get the job.

I'm not an officer but I've some friends who are LEOs. If I were you I'd speak to an officer about your situation, they can give you better advice than anyone on here.


Those that are telling you not to lie are giving you good advice. I conduct backgrounds for the PD that I work for and often will ask questions that I all ready know the answer to, just to see how the candidate will respond..So be careful.

As for your facebook account make sure you have it set to private. That goes for your friends as well. Most of the time I find that a candidate will have their refrences as friends on their facebook account. I will cross reference your list of references on your application with those friends you have listed on your facebook. If your friends have pictures of you doing something stupid, rest assured it will come up in an interview. Devious I know...after all we do get good at digging up dirt on people.


Thanks clinton I am planning on being honest. Have you ever excepted anyone who smoked marijuana before? and also as for facebook if I delete my page will they still be able to find it/look at my friends facebooks?.. thanks again for the replies this is really helping me


Don't apply to be a cop because you seem like a person that would be a really shady/shitty cop.



We have hired a few that have admitted to smoking marijuana before, but the rest of their background was squeeky clean and they stood out from the other candidates. If we find that there have been any illegal use of harder drugs such as cocaine, crack, heroin, meth, etc. (felonies in and of themselves to possess) we will not consider those candidates.

As for the facebook issue the only time we can get the contents of a closed facebook account is in a criminal case, which requires a search warrant. So in other words, no we can't look into your closed account for the purpose of a back ground investigation. Your friends and family members on the other hand may still have pics, or stupid comments made by you on their accounts. You would be suprised at how many people do not set their account to private, which makes our job at digging up dirt on you very easy.

As a background investigator I don't look for reasons to hire a person, I look for reasons not to hire. I spend the least amount of time during a background investigation speaking to your references. We know they are going to speak highly of you. I spend the majority of time speaking to people you associate with that you didnt list in your application / resume,your previous employers, neighbors, etc..


Damn Bonez, have you lived in Boston before, you are fuckin spot on with this post. A million internet points to you.


Na. Been there once.


"do you want to be a cop or do you want to appear to be a cop?"


Thanks clinton I am planning on deleting my facebook and will be honest with the investigator. I believe I am a good candidate and have a good record with my previous employers and neighbors. I have heard that one of the most important things is to do well on the psych exam and I think I will be fine there. Thanks Again!


Most I've applied to within the past few months have stated they desire applicants who've been clean for 3 years. Be honest, don't rack up speeding tickets, misdemeanors, felonies, etc..nothing stupid. Parking tickets don't count, luckily. Funny that the only one who went in great depth about drug usage and even mentioned steroids was the Colorado State Patrol. You can not be accepted if you've taken steroids within the past 12 months (lol). Tricky thing about them is retention, if you leave within 3 years on the job you owe them money, which isn't cool on top of my student loans. Keep that in mind if you want to transfer anywhere. Even though several departments are frozen or "not hiring" people, they still could use the help but do so by giving out plenty of overtime to those in their own roster. Keep checking back on any that state that as it could change any given day really.

From what I've read from some others, the east coast really sucks in trying to get hired on and out west you can get hired within 6 months or less depending on where. For example, CO might possibly squeeze me in to the January training class. I've already taken the written tests for border patrol and capitol police, not hard at all. Dec. 10th I'll take the written/pft tests for delaware state police but I've heard it's impossible to get a job there since they want relatives of troopers. None of that works then I'm heading back south or far west!