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Interested in Athletic Gains, Not Size

I am not interested in bodybuilding at all, and I don’t really want to gain mass. And I’m not really a numbers guy (powerlifting), meaning I am not the type wants to lift maximal weights. My ultimate goal is to improve my athleticism. I just want to get stronger, faster, more agile, etc.

I am 5’10 160 pounds right now, don’t know what my BF% is, but I’m pretty skinny.

Now, I won’t mind gaining a couple of pounds here and there as obviously that is going to be a side effect of getting stronger, however gaining mass is not one of my goals.

What do you guys think I should do in terms of lifting, with my goals?

Thanks in advance.

Hmm where did my topic go? I’m kinda new to this site but I don’t see my topic in the list of topics

But anyways, to clarify what I was saying earlier, I want to get strong and be athletic, but I don’t want to gain too much size becasue I feel it will hinder my speed and agility. So basically my goal is to be as strong as I can be pound for pound, so I can still be light on my feet.

I’m a WR for football and a 2 guard in basketball if that helps you visualize the type of body/athleticsm I’m aiming for.

Thanks in advance


Starting Strength:


…All of those site will make you a better athlete. I would read look at all those sites and see what they are about. I would start with the Starting Strength training program. The defrancotraining.com site has a lot of pics of training athletes and eventually you will change your mind about putting on a little mass, as it will correlate with increased athletic performance to a point. In my opinion though, Starting Strength is the best place to start if you want to get stronger and more athletic.

…Additionally, mass doesn’t come from lifting weights alone and if you think that because you hit the gym x days a week you will get huge, you are wrong. A lot of people here are trying to get bigger and stronger, meaning they eat a lot and train hard, so I wanted to give a heads up that you might receive some shit for it.

It’s totally cool for wanting to be faster and wanting to be a better WR and guard. Anyone that dogs on you for those goals is foolish.

I’ve never trained in this respect before, so I’m guessing here- you’re young, you don’t have a lot of training experience, and you need speed above all else.

I would make HIIT and sprints the cornerstone of your training. In the off season, 3x/week, head out to the track and sprint. I don’t think the actual form matters, whether you’re doing 100m, 200m, 30sec, 50sec… just get out there and do it as hard as you can. Rest, wait for readiness, and then do it again.

On two or three other days (depending on how good your recovery is), try one of these abbreviated routines.

Power Snatch: 5x5
Back Squat: 5x5

I’m serious. Two lifts, both done at a challenging (though not backbreaking) weight, for the prescribed reps. Don’t shirk on form, and make sure you do static stretching every day, AFTER your workout.

WS4SB and Starting Strength are also great programs. I recommend what I do because you specifically don’t need any upper body work, both of which are elements of WS4SB and Starting Strength. What you need is speed and power- those two exercises, done right, will get you both in abundance.

What do you eat in a day? Diet is also very important to making good gains, athletically or in body composition?