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Interested in a Titan Katana


hey if anyone in the US is selling a size 46 titan katana and it hasnt been used much i am interested


If that is you in your avatar a 46 would be too large.


A Katana is entirely too much shirt for you. Start with an F6.


i have a 45 inch chest THANK YOU and i only know a katana, i have only benched in them but mine is too small and i cant touch in it. i wont go to anything else if i dont have to


So get stronger?


Let me refer you to this post:


Hahahaha amazing.


If you think you can squeeze into a size 42, I know someone who is looking to get rid of one. He weighs about 225 and it's a touch too small for him. You're 212, so I don't see why it wouldn't be a good fit.


I was wearing at 44 at 242 so a 42 could fit. I doubt he could handle the weight needed to touch with it tho!


Yea, that's why my friend is getting rid of it. He thought he needed well over 500 to touch, but could only lock out 460 to 480... Katanas are freaking tight, man.


damn! maybe im wrong, but it just didnt seem like i can touch. i only say this cuz i have form trouble on a 1 board, damn i might not need a diffrent shirt now. but my coach is like 200 and he wears a 46 and competes in 181. so im so damn cofuzed




and then you have to bench 297lbs for it to touch with said F6


I don't really know any way to say it better.

OP, I'm 5'7"ish and about 190 and I squeeze into a 42. It's tight, but takes me about a minute to get on with someone helping me and I can get down with ~380. A 46 will most likely fit you like a loose t-shirt given your stats.

Either devote the time to getting strong enough to make the more gangster shirt work, or get a less gangster shirt that still fits well enough to work at all. Since you are a kid and already have the Katana, I'm not going to tell you to get a brand new shirt since I understand that these things cost money that us younger guys don't have laying around. Work your technique to death (and yes, I guarantee you it needs fixing) and get your lockout stronger so you can hold the weights you need to touch. There is more to gear than throwing it on and getting instant easy carryover, and until you understand that and approach your training as such, you have no business messing with it.

And please install a spell check on your web browser.


HAHAHA i dont even have technique. but i think im just gonna get an f6 and get it in a 46 and just make it my own


Wait...so you're getting a more forgiving shirt...and getting it loose? For fuck's sake man, its supposed to be tight. Buy gear that fits.


No dude its going fit, i'm going one size bigger so i can touch and grow into it. Man i'm only 16 and the way I look at it, if I dont have any stretch marks on my body from gaining weight yet, I have room to grow. Plus I still got my 44


You aren't listening to us.


Ok this thread was not for getting advice, it was for looking for a potential sale, you have to remember that. i train with vets man, i work with miguel ruelan, national benchpresser. I work with matt smith, potential national guy if he gets his deadlift up. Ive trained raw with Clint Weler, Dirk DeBoer, and yes, for a short time, Josh McMillan, all those guys are national powerlifters. If I need advice, Ill go to onw of them, but all i want from this thread is a potential sale, and im buying new, even if its an Inzer Blast. So lets just kill this thread eh?


I wore a 44 F6 @198lb and 220lb - took approx 315-340lb to touch.
Wore 44 Katana @220lb and 242lb - took approx 400-440lb to touch.

A 46 F6 is a total waste of money imo, but whatever you're into.... I'd rather buy a shirt that fits NOW and let it grow with me...