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Interested in a Home Gym, Advice

I’m 16 y/o, and I would like to buy a 300 pound olympic weight set, powerrack, flooring, and a bench. I have been looking around for where to buy this stuff and how much it would cost, but I still don’t know how much this stuff is worth. Some of the powerracks I have seen (most actually) are $700 or something like that, but I thought you could get them a lot cheaper, so I want to ask you guys how much each of these things would cost about.

Why I want to get a home gym:

  • $150 gym membership a year for YMCA
  • Over $365 a year for gas ($365 is based on $3.50 a gallon, going to the gym 3x a week, which I plan to do more in the future)
  • It would be awesome, even if it’s slightly chilly during the winter.

I have a bowflex I want to sell, plus a baseball bat (which is only 1 1/2 years old, $265 bat) so I was hoping to get some money there. Where do you guys think I should be going to sell these things and to buy the home gym equipment?

i’m in the process of building my own gym too.

so far its been around 600 bucks, for
a) brand new rack with dip and pullup bars ($350, w/ shipping, clearance item)
b) powerblock dumbbells 5-90 lbs (craigslist)
c) a few 3/4" mats (craigslist)

i’m missing now the olympic bar (!!), and barbell weight set, and a few other shit (belts, clips, etc).

all together i’m spending about a grand. if you go used (which you should) you can find good stuff on craigslist. the only reason why i bought a new power rack was because it was a great deal and free shipping, and a quality unit.

hope that gives you an idea.

Sell/buy everything on Craigslist, maybe put the bat on eBay.

You can put together a decent setup really inexpensively if you search around.

Don’t be surprised if this guy calls you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqO5e3nESMc

Powerline rack
Shipped to your door for 319.99

Everything else can be pretty much bought on craigslist.

I got 300lb in plates, a 7 foot oly bar, ez curl bar and bench because some guy was clearing his garage to make a game. Netted everything for 50 dollars cash.

Flooring, there is a local rubber manufacturing company about 25 miles from my house, Got a 3/4 solid rubber mat at 10x6 for 29 dollars.

oh, and since my setup is outdoors, I made myself a sunshade with 20 dollars in hardware(steel cable, clamps, s-hooks, tension bars and eyebolts) and a surplus canvas tarp.

You don’t always have to look to purchase the final product either, I’ve made a few accessories with cinder blocks or lead pipes and fittings.

Basically, Have cash ready and be ready to pounce, its you vs everyone else. And if you can’t afford it, build it to your spec from scratch.

Yeah, I have a 300 buck powerline rack and it’s held up pretty well with as much as 600lbs on it for rack pulls.