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Interactive nutrition

My local retailer, in montreal, pushes this canadian company, interactive, a lot. Have you guys tried any of their products, what did you think.Their prices are pretty good.

Alllllllllright, who is your supplement guy? Is it the Fitness shope on Ste-Catherine? Bro, when I was a newbie that’s where I bought all my sups, and Interactive was pushed on me like crazy, and being new at the game, I when for it… until I learned more that is.

Interactive is shit, and if you are buying your sups in the downtown area, you are also getting ripped off for the price!!! Ever heard of a double whammy. Take my advice and ditch the Interactive garbage, try MVP Pro Whey, Biotest’s advance protein, or Prolab’s whey protein.

Last piece of advice try going to a pro shop on the outskirts of the downtown area like Ville St-Laurent, the south shore, anywhere but downtown for such things and you’ll save a lot. Cheers.

I tried their protein powders(they were cheap)
Egg/whey and whey.The gas/farts I got were
unbelievable.I’m talking gas mask material. I’ve consumed the same amount of protein before and after(chicken/fish/AP) and not had this problem.
I really wanted to support a Canadian company
but it would cost me friends and family

I’ve used their Glutamine Stack, Whey Protein, Iso Whey and friends have used other Interactive products. I can’t complain about the quality at all. Nor have I heard any poor feedback from anyone else. To qualify that, Biotest generally remains my brand name of choice, however it is in very limited supply in Canada.
Generally speaking though, you’re better off going with a Canadian company because the quality standards are higher government regulated) than the ones that smaller American companies hold themselves to. Not taking anything away from Biotest, Met-Rx, etc of course.

Interactive protein gave me the worst gas and stomach cramps too . I’d stick to other brands for your protein requirements .

Thanks for the feedback everyone.Alcatraz you are right on the money my man, Fitness shop on St.Catherine. The short,fat guy is raving about interactive. Anyway, do you have any names of places or phone numbers, better yet, for me? Thanks. (I hope that the moderator will allow this)

i agree dont buy anything at the proshop on st.catherine st…ripoff…i used to buy my supp at decarie proshop but now i buy everthing online…they are 3-5 good canadian online stores that carry biotest and other brands at great prices…for example Mesotech (14pak) goes for $29 CDN…i buy all my biotest products on the net…stick with online shopping guys…you’ll all save alot more

GR, try my pro-shop, he’s located on the south shore and well worth the drive accross the bridge. The name of the store is Ultimate Muscle Media, the phone number is (450)926-1880, you’ll save a lot and get better quality stuff. Good luck.

Thanks guys

Any more reviews on Interactive’s quality control? Their Protein PM seems like an interesting blend.


I’ve used their stuff a few times. Protein is protein if you’re down and out on cash.
SNDcanada sells biotest Grow for 49.99CAD. That’s not much more than interactives price. It’s worth it. Free shipping to. Even to Quebec.