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Interactions of Curcumin & Coumadin?

i am taking coumadin secondary to bloodclots. is there interaction with curcumin? how many can i take in 1 day without adverse side effects? i have chronic pain from rheumatoid arthritis & would like to try the curcumin.

Curcumin could magnify the effects of Coumadin as I understand it.
So, if you want to try Curcumin contact your doctor and try to match your desired dose of Curcumin with the amount of Coumadin that keeps your PT within limits.

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100% agree. INRs are really sensitive. It may be worth asking your doctor about one of the DOACs (not to sound like a drug commercial) if you’ve also got other things going on.

I was once on that rat poison. I got familiar with the problem balancing vitamin K and Coumadin. Originally the doctor told me not to eat any leafy green vegetables, because competed with the Coumadin. I told him that was not a path that would lead to a long term positive outcome. We agreed that I would eat a consistent intake of leafy green vegetables and find the correct Coumadin dosage to achieve the desired PT readings.

I got off of that rat poison as soon as I could.

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