Intentionally Not Maintaining a High Trough?

Has anyone had success using a protocol that didn’t promote stable blood levels?
A protocol that didn’t maintain a high trough yet still had high and frequent peaks?

I know it goes again traditional thinking, but looking back at my past protocols, I remember feeling amazing while taking 50mg of Testosterone Proprionate EOD.

When I plot that on Steriod Plotter it shows huge peaks and valleys. Yet I recall having great libido and zero or an unnoticeable level of bloating.

It makes me wonder if some might do better without a consistently high trough?

I think the confusing part of that site is that it’s showing release of hormone, not peak or trough TT. So it looks like it’s peaks and valleys but your actual response to those mg of test being released may not look so … pointy? Lol you know what I mean. Look at actual serum levels of a guy doing 200mg in one shot vs the plot that the site shows for release of hormones. The serum plot looks much smoother


Yes, I see what you’re saying and agree. Serum levels are very likely much smoother.
But aside from that, there is still much higher peaks and much lower troughs with a protocol such as Test P EOD than Test C or Test E EOD.
I personally have had a good experience with that in that past and wonder what the reason could be and if others have experienced the same.
Maybe it worked for me because I was covering a large spectrum of serum levels and somewhere in that spectrum worked well for me. Kind of like a shotgun approach.
Or possibly my body responded well to the higher peaks or lower trough or a combination of the two.