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Intensive Training Period


i am going to be training over easter to improve rowing. the plan will be to scull 6 mornings a week (low intensity aeoribic work for 1-1.5 hrs), to do 3 ergs a week (probably a 10k piece (30-35 mins hard), some sprints and a 2x20mins erg with more sprints as the time goes on.)

Anyway, the subject of this post is that i alse intend to do 2 days a week weights to support the other training, balance other muscle groups not used in rowing while not overtraining (hence the absence of heavy leg work). here it is then:

8x3 Power Clean

3x15 seated cable row
3x15 rowing stance deadlift

4x6 military press
4x6 chins

3x8 lunges

day 2:

8x3 snatch

3x10 upright rows
3 x 10 reverse hypers

4 sets 6-10 bench
4 sets 8-12 romanian deads

4x6 OH squats

what do you all think? - any comments are most appreceiated.


anyone? is this balanced - do you think i may overtrain (have once, and i can't afford to do it at this stage)...



It is unlikely that you will have enough stability to do overhead squats last in your program. I'd put it first or second.


I've never rowed, but I would be concerned as much about overloading the shoulders as legs. You have snatches, power cleans, overhead pressing, benches....... I would just do a good, total body workout and maybe just back off a bit on volume on any body area you may feel is being overworked.

Don't try to be so 'inventive.' Just workout and adjust for how you feel on that particular day. Maybe evaluate how you feel the day after while rowing and use that feedback to determine your next workout. Do this on a continual basis to get the most benefit with the least risk of overuse injuries.