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Intensive/Extensive Splits?

Hoping some of the more experienced folks can help me out here. I’m an outdoors guy (hiking/caving/etc.) who is looking to build strength before leaning out and going into outdoor mode for winter/spring (I’m in the south).

Earlier this year, I did a 12 week hypertrophy phase, and am now finishing out a 12 week strength/conditioning phase where I use a 5 day rotation of: upper strength/lower strength/active recovery/metabolic conditioning/off. I’ve made good progress on both meso-cycles, but now would like to focus on increasing metabolic conditioning and power, while also keeping my strength gains. I’ll probably do this for 8-10 weeks before I go into full outdoors mode and maintenance for strength.

I’m toying with the idea of doing intensive/extensive splits. It might look something like this, with reduced sets during each workout (3x5, as opposed to 5x5 for example):

Monday: Plyometrics or Olympic Lifts/Squats + Horizontal Push Pull + EZ PM Aerobic
Tuesday: Metabolic Conditioning Pairs and/or Hypertrophy of RDL/GM and Vertical Push/Pull
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Plyometrics or Olympic Lifts/DL’s + Vertical Push Pull + EZ PM Aerobic
Friday: Metabolic Conditioning Pairs and/or Hypertrophy of Goblet/Split Squats and Horizontal Push/Pull
Saturday/Sunday: Long Aerobic or Off.

Does this look doable to folks? Has anyone out there tried this? I’m less interested in aesthetics or hitting PB’s during this phase, and more interested in transitioning into final outdoor mode.

FWIW: I’ve been lifting consistently for 3 years now, and am comfortable doing doubles of strength in the morning and aerobic work in the afternoon/evening.