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Intensity- Wheelchair Guy, Vomit, & Seeing Stars


"Just want you to know that. I have puked while training. A couple times. And I didn't want to quit hitting the iron so I just swallowed it, put on a grin of determination and put on more weight."
"I have also had involuntary bowel movements, headaches, and seen little lightning bugs soaring all through the air glowing in ... Reds, greens, blues and yellows!"

This above dialog comes from a conversation i was having with a friend who trains and competes in natty shows. We were discussing getting it vs. not getting, our reasons for training day in and out.

I've got several thirty something friends w/ excuses why they are fat slobs and sedentary. My job bla,bla,bla......my kids...yap,yap,yap all these commitments, i haven't got time for the gym. It goes on and on.

Working 117hrs in a week during her surgery rotation but she found time to train + cardio, i live w/ this lady so a never get a free pass.

Guy at my gym the other day in a wheelchair was absolutely killing it, he CAN'T USE HIS FUCKING LEGS, yet some people don't train legs because they don't like to or want to, WTF?!?!!!

This post is just something to think about, I've found inspiration on this site in the past, just passing this info. along to anyone who is either falling off, is not pushing it enough, or is just looking for a spark for the day. The truth is if you can't find it within yourself, no matter what anyone writes, says, passes on or otherwise will leave a mark, will it?


Guy I swim with has one leg, still does 100 frontcrawl quicker than most guys. He can single leg squat a fair bit too, more than the curls and bench crowd. Never have an excuse not to train with him around