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Intensity Vs TTUT


Personally, I have to say that I think the question is flawed (although you wrote it very well). My experience has been that TTUT has no direct bearing on how strong you get relative to a 1RM per se. It certainly is helpful in producing different training effects, and in stimulating hypertrophy, and in breaking through sticking points. And you will, of course, see strength gains as a by-product of these things. But generally speaking, these strength gains will be most noticeable in the rep ranges trained (say, 6-8, just for example), and would be less apparent the further away you get from those ranges.

So while you might see a 10% increase in the amount of weight you could handle in the 6-8 rep range, and some increase in both 1RM and 50RM, neither of the latter increases would be a 10% increase.

So although there probably would be some effect on a 1RM not matter what the rep range, I would say that the answer to the question would be: Who is training closer to his 1RM? The intensity guy or the TTUT guy? If the intensity guy is training at 85% of his 1RM and the TTUT guy is training at 60% (but doing more work to make up for it), then I’d say that intensity guy would win, and vice versa. (Of course, if you’re going to stipulate that the Oracle took all of the above into account, then I’d say that the question becomes meaningless, as you can always just maintain that the Oracle is all-seeing…)

This was intended to be an answer to your post. Don’t know how it became a thread of its own… Sorry about that!

I’ll say it again. I find that alternating focus from TUT to intensity is the way to go. If I just work on intensity (even densely), I lose strength. If I work just on TUT, I lose strength. As well, using TUT to pre-fatigue the muscles and then working on imitations of the intensity movements will help train the nervous system nicely.

First, char…great way to pose another question. I don’t see the same type of gains when working 80% for max reps or TUT at 60%. Manipulating both variables when I am at approximately 80% impacts the 1 RM best. My belief is that, given my physiology/genetics, if I reach a plateau, I dink with both for 3 workouts each and then I can hit a new 1 RM max