Intensity vs Lifting Smart

i am currently doing 5/3/1. And its been stressed that Assistance exercises are meant to ASSIST you, and if they affect your main lifts, you shouldnt do it. So how can you be intense and yet working smart? i.e after working out hard on deadlift day, after 5x10 on deadlifts, your hams can get quite sore and thus may affect your squat day workout. So do you push hard on all exercises no matter what? or just dont push so hard on assistance lifts (which to me, sucks cause you cant work as hard as you want. ): )

If you give yourself adequate rest between workouts you should be fine. Don’t have your deadlift and squat days right next to each other. I do a Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday with Monday being squat, Tuesday bench, Thursday deadlift, and Friday military. That gives plenty of time between each of the lower body lifts and the upper body lifts.

If you think your assistance work is holding you back from going full-strength on your main lift then skip the assistance work. Look at the “Jack shit” part of the assistance section in the manual.

Side-note: “after 5x10 on deadlifts” 5/3/1 doesn’t call for 5x10.

Actually, I believe that the 5/3/1 and 5/3/1 Reloaded articles both call for 5x10-15 on the assistance work. i.e Workout 4 in the “Triumvirate” template in the 5/3/1 article calls for 5/3/1 Squats, 5x15 Good Leg-presses, 5x10 Leg-curls. However, I don’t know if Wendler writes it up differently in the manual than in the articles.

OP - Proper warm-up/cool-down, peri-workout nutrition hot/cold contrast showers PWO, daily foam rolling, stretching, mobility and active recovery stuff can all help reduce muscle pain. However they are also pretty boring, so most people don’t do them consistently until they have to. Some soreness (DOMS etc) is normal and can be managed. However if your main lifts are legitimately suffering, then you should probably back off a little on the assistance work. Of course, if you’re suffering to make your main lifts, well that’s perfectly normal. Adaptation takes time and it’s inevitable to struggle from time to time.

More info regarding how long you’ve been training in general and training 5/3/1 specifically, as well as your goals, nutrition and what exactly is happening in your workouts when your main lift is being “affected” (i.e. are you missing lifts or does it just really suck etc) will probably get you better advice. Just my $.02

All the best.

Yeah 5x10 on assistance work would be fine. He said 5x10 on deadlifts. That’s not an assistance exercise.

i used to be 5x10 on deadlifts for boring but big! :smiley: it was killer. ive replaced deadlifts with cleans though,but thats not important right now.

for now, my main lifts have still been slowly improving i.e by reps/weight. but i feel that if i push too hard on my assistance lifts, it may affect my other training days, and if they dont affect my main lifts, they may affect my assistance lifts too. (didnt manage to do as many pull ups as i would liked on my last upper body day)

i train on sat(bench),sund(squats), tue/wed(cleans-military) or wed/thurs(cleans-military) depending on whether i have the time.

i also throw in some upper body work on mondays, i try not to do much pressing and focus on back work and dont work to the point of failure. and some pylos on thurs if i have the time.

ok admittedly i dont focus on cool downs much? so that may have been the reason why ive been feeling sore after my workouts more often recently. ive worked out for about 2-3 years so far.

You can try cutting down on the assistance work and see if that helps.

Why did you entirely replace deadlifts though?