Hey CT,
Great stuff on the forum here and Thib Army thanks for all you do. I have a heavy work schedule coming up and am looking at scaling back my training just a little to accommodate. I was thinking of a push pull routine Or upper lower is there an advantage to one of those over the other? I prefer a push pull myself. I was thinking of running days 1 & 2 with similar principles to best damn with double rest pause for higher intensity and finish off each of those days targeting weak points days 4 & 5 would be higher rep days focusing more on hypertrophy. Throwing in some neural charge and weighted carries on off days. I am wanting to gain size and strength and am currently in a slight calorie surplus. Does the above look remotely advantageous for my goals? Should I run all 4 days like best damn or should I just do best damn? Thanks again

I personally prefer a push/pull approach when training for size. Because you get a better pump (it seems) from training all pulling (or pushing muscles) rather than training antagonist muscles (the whole upper body in the base of the upper/lower split). An upper/lower approach might be a tad better when it comes to training for performance.