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Intensity Level for Each Lift

I am familiar with most of the variations of how you can do the main lift each day. Has anyone found for long periods of time some strategies work good on certain lifts, if so what are they? Here are a few for example assuming its the 3rd week

5/3/1+ (the original)
5/3/1+ joker sets

Another factor in all those is the intensity level of the + sets, for example maybe you always do OHP to almost failure on multiple sets, but deadlift always stop 2 reps short of failure OR just skip the + and do the minimum reps all the time.

For me, generally: no matter what week (except deload) shoot for a rep PR leaving one to two reps in the tank. If you’re feeling really good, hit some joker sets. Then do whatever you normally would (FSL multiple sets for me now, didn’t like the FSL AMRAP).

For squats and press I usually push the limits in terms of reps the tank because they’re the two lifts for which I can most accurately judge how much I’ve got left.

I’ve also had some success with 351 for DL recently, but that’s more because I wanted to pull more heavy singles than rep PRs for a while. I did five cycles of 531 for DL just fine gunning for rep PRs weekly.

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