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Intensity Is More Important


You can have a solid training program on paper, but if you don't train intensely nothing else matters.

I actually think that intensity is more important than what you are actually doing as long as some common sense is applied to your training.

The average gym goer is pussy footing their training and the results show. I get annoyed when friends ask to work out with me and they don't bring anything to the table and cry about results.

Why am I following your training program and not getting the results you have? That's a question that they ask and intensity is the answer.

What are your thoughts on intensity? How important is it to you? What has helped you amp up your workouts?

My training revoles around three words:

Dedication. Progress. Intensity.


i think intensity is necessary.

i don't think screaming and huffing and puffing, especially if u're doing less weight than me, is necessary


Definitely a big believer in this...I think the stupidest of training programs will work if each of those training sessions are done with intensity. Training HARD is all that really matters, not having "the best" program or split.



Without intensity where will u end up? doing the same old shit you have been doing, and look the same damn way you've been looking. Lets get real with this. Intensity is what separates the good from the GREAT...BE AVERAGE BE mediocre...or be GREAT. You decide.


I think everyone has their own style and knows what works for them, but I don't think anyone ever got anywhere without at least a little bit of intensity. I'm not talking about the huffing, puffing, throwing weights around intensity, anyone can fake that, I'm talking about the intensity where your mind absolutely tells you to stop, but you just gotta push for that extra rep or nail that 5-10lb PR. There is putting on a show, and there is pushing yourself.

As far training programs are concerned, they all suck if you don't bring it. Someone can hand you to most tested, highest rated, insanely awesome training program ever, but it's never more than 50% of the equation unless you bust your ass in the gym. Work hard enough and eat enough, and even the stupidest programs can work, at least for a little while.


Intensity is real. There's a large amount of people who just don't get it, it seems like. They don't discover their breaking point. They don't want to see what it's like to push their body to its limits. It's the key to pushing through barriers and reaching the next level. More important than any kind of calculation, flashy program, or hawt new supplement.


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Deb, speak to us about intensity.


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Not sure about intensity?


x2. I'm sure you must train with intensity to build that amazing body.


Is it just more or does anyone else sit in the gym between sets or something and just watch some of the people there and think 'they can't possibly think that works??'

Some people don't even break a sweat. It almost inflates your ego a little bit...

...until some asshole comes in a starts squatting 200+ more lbs than you and it knocks you right back down lolol




Only if I can get some free yoga pants with intensity across my ass =D