Intensity in Weeks Following Cycle?

I’m almost ready to start (should be arriving Friday, will start monday).

Before I ask this, I have to admit that I am a fool for not researching this beforehand. I tried now, and couldn’t find a reliable source of information on the matter.

By how much should your intensity in the gym (weight and reps) decrease during the weeks following a cycle (during PCT) to prevent the catabolic monster and retain the majority of your gains.

Sorry in advance, for showing my foolishness.

By the way if it helps:

500/wk test E 10 weeks.

Joey D

From everything I read, post cycle workouts are moderate. Key thing is to keep gains made. Don’t try to grow.

What kind of workout plan are you going to follow on cycle?

The same split I use currently:

monday: back+ abs
tuesday: Arms+low int cardio ~40 minutes
wednesday: shoulders+abs
thursday: legs+very low intensity cardio ~30 mins
Friday: Chest+abs
Sunday: moderate intensity cardio ~40 min

I used to have sunday and friday complete ab workouts (chest was saturday) but I started using staggered ab training. I love it!

I hit every muscle hard strictly moderate to high-rep.

In a very short answer: Heavy, but not as intense.

Train with the same weight you were using, but reduce volume.

Breaking down muscle at this point is useless as you will lack the ability to mend it, and the ability to grow.

The main focus is retaining as much of the muscle size and neuro muscular connection.

Since no matter whether on aas or not, your body grows in cycles, and training always occurs in cycles.

All you do is match your ‘peak training’ to your AAS cycle to maximize growth, and when you go off, that is your maintainance or ‘resolution’ stage.

Rest up, recover both mentally and physically, recharge and prepare yourself for the next training cycle.

Almost everything in life is cyclical and so too is bodybuilding.

I will add that it is good to loose a little, as recovering muscle memory at the begining of your next training phase provides training ‘momentum’ to catapult yourself past your previous best form.

If someone was doing your test taper, would you slack the training during the 6 week 100mg period, or only when going in the actual taper 80,60,40,20 mg part?

taper your training down for 3 weeks, then 6 weeks maintainance, then gear up your training about 3 weeks to the end.

You need to take training breaks anyways.