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Intensifying the effects of GH

I’ve read that while taking GH at only 4IU per day you should take the Amino L-Dopa. Has anyone else had experience with this combination? Also for cutting do you think the GH would stack well with Equipoise(500mg/week), Winstrol (200mg/Mon-Wed-Fri), and Clen (10 per day)on an 8 week cycle? Do you recomend Omifin? And do you have any additional recomendations?

I forgot to mention that I am trying to get extremely cut. I currently have 16% bodyfat and plan to drop to 5%. I whey 240lbs. but when I start to cut expect to weigh 255-260. I plan on making use of a Duschane strict Ketogenic diet. Is this still the best diet for what I am trying to do?

Personally, I don’t know why anyone would spend so much on something that does so little. Even Lee Priest in his T-mag interview said GH was pretty much worthless and I’ll bet he was shooting tons of it!

Sounds like you dislike it because of what someone else said. Tek, Do you have any personal exp.? Besides great genetics how do you explin Colemans outstanding Olympia improvments? I heard about a bedside GH drip in the hotels at Mandalay Bay at least other competetors complaining about them. I have friends that I have personally seen get great results from GH stacked with AS. Dosen’t GH build you muscle structure by volumizing the cells in your body? My good friend also pro competetor swears by the stuff, he take 6 to 8iu per daym though but recomends to start off with 4iu.