Intensifiers and Supercompensation

I am in week 6 of the new “Look like a BB, Perform like an Athlete” aka HP Mass 2.0.
I did not use intensifiers the first three weeks. In 3 weeks of lifting 6x a week, I was skipping a lot of sets. I switched to 4x a week, doing only the zone 1 and zone 3 sessions. I have made much better progress this round.

For adding intensifiers, do you apply the same “no slowing of the bar” rule? Or are you ok if the bar slows for these heavier sets?

Once I finish week 8, I plan to start a cut for a personal event in July (vacation). In reading your recent article about run-ins over deloading, what would you suggest, if anything, to optimize supercompensation before starting to drop calories?