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Intense ZMA

Felt pretty shitty and unrested over the past week and found an old bottle of ZMA in my closet. I popped 3 and went to bed. It was the most intense sleep I’ve had in a minute. My dreams had me tripping-vivid images and lifelike situations. I kind of disregarded ZMA as some bs before I experienced the drug like sleep I enjoyed last night. Anyone else experience something like this?

I just feel like a rock when I sleep on ZMA.

No tripping.

Sometimes I can’t tell the difference between a dream and reality. When I wake up from a nightmare I’m sweating like crazy and my forearms pumped.

Other than that, I sleep very well with ZMA.


One time I had a type of “sleep paralysis” on one of the first weeks I started taking ZMA. I opened my eyes and I couldn’t move at all… and I heard this crazy ass music getting louder and louder. Slowly I came out of it and was able to move.

And one time I had a dream I was stuck in the sky. It was pretty fucked up to say the least.

I just drink a whole pot of basil and chamomile tea. Makes you sleep like a dead baby. Sometime i even fall asleep in a uncomfy position and just wake up there in the morning, uncomfortable as hell. cheaper too.


When I take ZMA, I begin floating and spinning around the room.

Yeah. I’ve had some of my most vivid dreams when I take ZMA the night before. It’s intriguing, but I generally wake up feeling VERY refreshed if I get my 8 hours.