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Intense Training after 70


I’ll be 73 tomorrow and I’m still training hard. I have been training for more than 50 years off and on. Over the time I have developed some minor injuries, and I train around them.

I don’t use bench presses and presses (I use dips and laterals) but for the rest I have no limits regarding exercises.

I vary my training every month or so, now I’m using full body workouts, sometimes I use upper/lower body splits.

Currently I rest 60 seconds between sets, but usually I try to work down to 30 seconds; I never do any cardio, except fast walking when I’m shopping.

The pic attached is taken last summer when I used 30 seconds of rest and was on a 100% keto diet.



Hey man, just wanted to say that I admire what you have achieved! Not even .1% of the population can boast such a physique at your age. I want to be still training like you when I’m 70.



Thank you very much!


Wow. I don’t post in here however had to drop in and pay my respects. You look awesome mate.

Please post more and share your knowledge as it would be greatly appreciated in here!


Very impressive work. I hope I can stay that healthy at 73.


Happy Birthday! :gift: And wow! Nothing but respect!


Much respect. I actually had a competitor client a while back who was 70, and if you take care of yourself, and are willing to put in the work, there no reason you Can’t still train hard as you reach your grand master years.



Damn, you look great. How long have you been Keto? Is it a permanent lifestyle?


Your appearance is obviously out of this world. But I have to say, THIS part stuck out to me as the most impressive part of your post. We could all learn from this. Avoiding major injury and learning to train around the minor ones is such an under-respected aspect of the lifting game.


Show legs.

Just kidding. Looking great man, I hope to look half as good as you do when I’m in my 70s… or any point in my life haha


Yes always keto


Extremely impressive!
Hopefully you stick around the forums so us young pups can pick your brain!


I’m a member of the over 70s club…76, still training hard, heavy @ often. These “over 40” articles make me smile.


You sir are doing it right. Those poor young people who have no lives outside the gym and cant get the results you can. Pity.


Flat out awesome!


Wow! Looking very good! Are you married? If so, your wife is a lucky woman.

I hope you’ll post more, I think we’d all like to hear more about your life and training.


You look stronger than many 43yos.

Can I ask what rep ranges you prefer?


I’m 72 , and our bios are similar, do you push yourself heavy or high rep , I do full body too and I think I’m going too heavy , not recuperating


Wow, it’s possible for me to look like you after 70!? Lots of respect here, very motivating to see.


Damn, that’s impressive. Bet the cruise ship went wild!